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  • Ur from memphis? I seen on ur 6.5.6 rom it said memphis on the weather widget and school in cordova. I'm asking cuz I go to school in cordova to. ITT tech.
    i have the dual boot program, but I know if u go to www.connect-utb.com, you will find it there. One is for our CDMA version the other is for GSM. It seems like the GSM version is running much better than CDMA, last time I heard. if you can try again, maybe I can help you. What ever knowledge I have it would be great if we can put that in for people who would want 2 use it. Your ROMS would be even better, point blank. I havent tried the most recent rom yet, but what bugs did fix and is youtube working on this one?
    Vet, unsure about this but is it possible to run spb shell in your roms? I like the look of it but cant find my answer anywhere. You know like having two seperate themes or putting it together? Unfamiliar about spb shell. Thanks Vet, let us know when u might have the builds complete and hope Youtube doesnt break on us :) Would you be willing to throw in a file for Android in there as well for CDMA phones?? Your Roms are by far Thee Best I used and works to my advantage!!
    I have the HTC mogul 6800 from sprint and I would like to download the flo2 apps please help don't know where start or how do this need instruction jonb
    hey vet i here you make good ROM's and im looking foward to maybe flashing your rom to my vogue but i want to know if you have any vogue 6.5 roms

    i wanna ask can i install your ROM into K-jam ... my k-jam is hanging on the startup i try to Hard format but its giving me error and also when i install any ROM even original it still hangs on boot screen... help would be appreciated..
    Thank yoy
    hey vet, Just thought I'd drop by and post a thanks for all your hard work w/ the vogue. It was my first experience of what WM was Really supposed to be like.
    hi,thanks for your kitchen:)
    a question:
    how to use your kitchen to change the language of the rom?
    thanks for your help!
    hey vet love your work been a fan of it since you started. i cant wait to see what you do with the new schwartz world. i would pay to be tutored by you lol just dropping by to say awesome job. oh and also i just found out why you left ppcgeeks there is a project going on here that will put them to shame if you would like to check it out it would be awesome if you ould help out with this.

    I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your work! Much appreciated!!
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