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  • @fredline12002

    I dont have time to take part in it atm :( been to busy with uni to do much at all.. Im hoping to update everything tomorrow, as I have a day off..

    @sanfrenchysco I posted it for you, well, from CRC's, hope it helped!
    You often flash different ROM's for testing ... could you do us a big favor to help zero in on porting problem?

    Send your regs content under:

    From within a RegEditor:
    - Navigate to HKLM\System\StorageManager\
    - Do an Menu > Registry > Export ... "Selected Key" or the whole reg. is fine as well
    Txs a lot
    Hey, I want to help with the touchXperience site. I saw you and zocster were talking about volunteering. Have you guys come up with anything?
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