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  • Big problem in xperia plz help anyone
    i did hard spl and install generic uk rom in my xperia befor tht i have swedish rom..but i install uk rom now

    but i hav facing one problem in my mobile
    tht is i install one programme name resco backup ..i did whole backup of my phone ..

    yesterday i was restoring my backup but tht taking long time tht y i thing i will do in the morning ...and i cancled in half of process..and phone was restart
    and when phone started then lots of folder missed becoz of that
    no setting folder all system folder gone
    i miss my backup file also
    what can i do plz some one help me
    Hello ,

    I am a master student and I am working in a small VOIP application for my thesis. I have a HTC Touch Elf and my problem is that I cannot get working the ear-speaker , the sound is always coming out from the rear speaker. I need to get this working to my thesis presentation. I went around the forums and the problem seems to be that HTC didn't implement this feature as regular call to Windows CE API , but instead they use DeviceIOcontrol directly to switch between the speakers. I have IDA Pro, and I am starting to go into the world of disassembling to get the good value to pass as a IOCTL. I also have in my possession a commercial VOIP application that does this switching. So here are my questions:

    Should I try to disassemble some dll's in the \windows , in order to find this code? which ones? any ideas?
    How can I copy a dll file out of the \windows folder to my desktop computer? Windows mobile doesn't allow me to copy system files...
    Should I try to disassemble first this commercial application and try to find there the good code?

    I hope you can help me with this , I would be very appreciated.

    dear vijay,
    i have been using your vjtoggletodayiialpha tool for a long time. recently i faced a weird problem (see here).
    while switching from duttys rom v2 to v2.8 vjtoggle does not work properly anymore (my device: diamond). meaning that it hides the taskbar but today screen does not make use of it.
    i have read in another thread of you that it definitely has some problems on vga devices, but it was working perfectly on the previous version.
    i was hoping that maybe you can pm me your version IV which you haven't released yet, so that i can try it out.

    Hi Rishi...
    My name is Rakesh from Jaipur and I am using a xda Exec..... I'm trying to use a airtel lapu sim(demo sim) in it but the device says "SIM CARD MISSING". I have tried many sim unlocker tools but nothing worked. Even I don't know the reaons why it's not working whereas any other normal 32K or 64K from any operator is working. The lapu sim is woking in even nokia 1100 and all the other phones but not in my xda......
    Please help me.......... Thank you...
    Hi, vijay555 been lurkin on board for some time now. I would like to start developing. So far all searches say c++ good base and I havnet used C++ for long time but thats probably where im gonna start. Just downloaded eCV4. read in a post you wrote article on dev. cant find it, searching under "Developing ppc, winmobile etc..." but common words on this forum. any links to info would be awesome. Thank you.
    Hi, vijay 555, thank you for your info first, but I'm not stole article from Daniusoft, I post the article here for the reason: 1. your forum is informative, so I post here to share with ipod users; 2. I post the article with allowance of Daniusoft master. You can contact she via mail [email protected]

    Any way, thank you very much.
    I'm afraid I've got no experience with Mogul - try asking in that thread. Most people use an application called PIM Backup to save and restore contacts. Try that. Sync with Data Back, and then save contacts with PIM Backup. Will your computer sync with Outlook?

    Sry to bother u but i ran into a problem while updating my HTC Mogul rom to the latest version i have erased all of my contacts in the process..the numbers were not sync to my computer like i thought it was to began with. I have a program on the phone called "Data Back" which is stored on my storage card...i have restored my contacts using this before but for some reason its not working anymore:( Do you thing its not compatible with the rom there a way around this? I'm in great need of help
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