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    Post Samsung galaxy 2 fold at&t Change Carrier

    Theoretically I would think the unlocked version would be better because when theres an update, I'm guessing, we wouldn't have to wait for the carriers to do their stuff to it. But I'm not 100% sure if that's how it works anymore. The last truly unlocked phone I had was a Nokia 1520.3, with...
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    Post Just bought a used unlocked AT&T Fold 2, how difficult to flash TMobile Rom?

    Oh man, thank you so much for such a detailed response! I actually went to a Samsung experience store and they updated me to a stock AT&T android 11 build. The phone is working great, but I obviously don't want to have to go there every time there's a new update. So in other words, I'm still...
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    Thread Just bought a used unlocked AT&T Fold 2, how difficult to flash TMobile Rom?

    The phone is working fine, calls, texts, even 5g. But I'm not getting any updates. It's still on Android 10 and One UI 2.5. I went to Samsung Members and wasn't given the opportunity to update, or join the beta, and when I go to Updates, it say my phone is up to date. I also tried to update with...
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    Post Samsung galaxy 2 fold at&t Change Carrier

    Yes, it works for making phone calls, texts, even 5g. But you won't get OTA updates. At least that's what I was told. I'm typing from a purchased AT&T unlocked Fold 2, with a TMobile sim inside. It works fine, just no updates. Still on One UI 2.5, and android 10. I'm actually here hoping to...
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    Thread Casting Samsung TV to phone (not phone to tv)

    I have a series 8 Samsung TV, and an S10. I saw a video from 2018 where a guy was casting what was on his TV to his phone. I know how to do it the other way, phone to tv, but I want to do the opposite, tv to phone. I tried selecting "smart view" from the quick settings buttons, but I'm only...
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    Post Zooper pro does not show temperature

    Yep, same with me. It just happened out of no where. They were working like 2 days ago, and now nothing will display. For me it's icon set that's not showing.
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    Post Latest Update - Facial Recognition Worse?

    Weird, I've always wondered if maybe some coating on my glasses is the problem. I had the MS 950xl before the S8, which also has retina scanning, and it didn't work when I wore my glasses.
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    Post Case or no case

    Can you show where you got it for $60???
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    Post Latest Update - Facial Recognition Worse?

    Yep, got my s8 last night, was showing my GF how incredible facial recognition was, THEN I applied the update. Doesn't work at all, the fingerprint scanner is in the worst possible place, and I wear glasses so the iris scanner won't work for me. I can't believe I'm starting to miss the...
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    Thread UG007ii Keeps powering off

    I have stock jellybean and this thing was working great for about a month, and now when ever I do anything semi processor intensive, the stick powers off. The little blue light turns off and stays off. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it works fine for a bit, but then powers off again...
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    Post [KERNEL] [Jun6] [flo/deb] Bulletproof 2.2 | Optimized stock | S2W/DT2W

    I thought a dirty flash was flashing without doing a factory wipe, if not, what is a diry flash? Not wiping dalvick and cache? And as far as a WiFi hack, I didn't install/flash one at all. I was using the stock kernel that came with Omni ROM. In fact this is the first separate kernel I've ever...
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    Post [KERNEL] [Jun6] [flo/deb] Bulletproof 2.2 | Optimized stock | S2W/DT2W

    Wifi breaks for me too when installing this kernel. I tried everything Ive read or could think of. Restored a working backup, let restart, reboot and flash Bulletproof, no wifi. Wiped dalvik, fixed permissions still no Wifi. I even tried Elemental-X, and same issue. Any ideas on how to fix? Oh...
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    Post Has anyone here come over from Sprint?

    Thanks for all the responses! In the past 2 days I heard negative feedback about t-mobile from radioshack, target, and best buy. They all said its worse than sprint, and that's why they don't carry T-Mobile anymore. I do realize that of course they are going to badmouth the company they don't...
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    Thread Has anyone here come over from Sprint?

    Im in the Los Angeles area and after 10 years of being with Sprint, Ive finally come to my wits end. The data is awful. Ive had a ppc6600, ppc 6700, HTC Diamond, Treo 800w, Palm Pre, Samsung Moment, HTC Evo, Evo3d, Galaxy S2, and S3. Ive been a sprint advocate for years now, probably gotten at...
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    Post Acer Iconia W3 Tablet

    Yeah I got one too. Found it at staples for $269. I also have a Lenovo yoga, and while the Acer is obviously slower, its fine for something so small and cheap. I'm pretty happy with it. I do have one issue, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing it. Sometimes when plugged in it gets...