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    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    links for magisk modules? i can't find it and on xda it's for oreo does it work on this version?
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    my mom have alcatel A3 10 inch 9026x i searched all the web for a firmware it is impossible to find it why ?? any help to a link for a firmware or workaround
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    Post First time Oneplus owner. Got 3t.

    yeah use lineage OS but if you are new try oxygenos experience it is great but when you get bored install lineage :D and always backup files my first problem was with encryption of device always got damaged when installing ROMs then i disabled it
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    Post Low Light Test - OnePlus Camera 3.4 vs Google Camera 7.2

    thanks but parrot release doesn't have configs for oneplus 3t what config file did you use
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    Post Question regarding oreo vs pie

    what do you mean? pie is slower than oreo or the opposite I'm on pie it is great
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    Post Camera replacement: where to buy?

    i was aiming with the pic on the auto focus problem but it's your choice good luck
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    Post Camera replacement: where to buy?

    you are right this is weird but there was more buyers before and many reviews on the same link i don't know what happened and the price was 9$ not 16$ maybe the seller made some mistake you can see i will attach an example for the camera it is working perfectly till now more than 1 year bought
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    Post Camera replacement: where to buy?

    it's working maybe you need to download aliexpress app see attachment pic
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    Post Pro 512GB 12GB exclusive edition Snapdragon 855 plus

    off topic question can you send me the link where you bought it
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    Post P30 Pro 50X ZOOM vs Mate 30 Pro 30X zoom

    it it not a downgroad it is an upgrade from mate 20 pro but we can't compare mate series with P series because p30 pro is a photography based phone maybe with p40 pro we will see and upgrade with the zoom
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    Post Camera replacement: where to buy?

    the review from your link tells that the camera works but the quality is not the same from the original but the link that i bought it from has the same quality of the original in my opinon it's your choice at last
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    Post Camera replacement: where to buy?

    perfectly running smooth!! no autofocus problem at all every camera option works great go and buy it if you have problems