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    Post S21 HK eSim possibility

    Hi Alex - no luck so far - let's see if they'll ever do anything about this.
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    Post Question S21 Ultra Hong Kong (G9980) can not flash CHC rom

    Hi there, eSIM won't be available on this version. Samsung Pay will not work either, only HK cards. Call recording is also not there. Anything else is on board though!. cheers
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    Post S21 HK eSim possibility

    actually, as I do have a HK version, with dual-SIM already enabled I would be rather interested in eSIM if there would be any way. does your approach require root access?
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    Post S21 HK eSim possibility

    @[email protected]: sounds like a great hack - would be interesting to see if others can confirm this outside of US? I have Dual SIM on the 9910 - can imagine the second IMEI (which I can see) is just physical ? for an eSIM it would mean that either the device can bridge the IMEI for...
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    Post Factory Reset - restoring any configuration/settings?

    Thanks for sharing your approach! I've also AOD disabled, and a few others. 120Hz I would like to have still. Let's see - if I get anything more than 5h I would be happy already. Will share my experience after few days and finished set-up. What exactly is this "Good Lock" - you mean the screen...
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    Thread Factory Reset - restoring any configuration/settings?

    Hi there, I've been upgrading to a S21 9910 from a S9. Tried with SmartSwitch - but battery life was pretty poor (3-4h SOT). Now I've done the factory reset and I'm still in the process of restoring - which is kind of a pain the ***** somehow. I've also disabled a few things with ADB, just...
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    Post Question S21 Ultra HK SM-G9980 Version Outside of HK?

    in case someone else interested: - Austria - everything except for Samsung Pay and Call Recording works on my side - 5G not tested, but shown as option
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    Post Question Region locking?

    I can only confirm that the HK version 9910 is dual SIM enabled and both work perfectly, if this helps you.
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    Post S21 HK eSim possibility

    Hi, Yes, I've read the same, so far the Note 20 has been getting now the esim support with the latest update on t-mobile US => so there might be hope (definitely not a hardware issue). However, according to Samsung HK live chat it's a hardware issue and thus not supported. Let's see what future...
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    Thread S21 HK eSim possibility

    Hi there, I've recently got the SM-G9910 HK version (TGY) and was wondering if there's any way to get eSim support? I'll be using this phone mainly in AT, however eSIM would be really nice. Reading through various threads here I've learned that it might not be likely, unless changing the CSC...
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.6

    I have also tried Bria on my Galaxy Nexus and now Nexus 7, after rooting and changing to Paranoid Android the app keeps force-closing at startup, any ideas? Highly appreciated... br VladTepes
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.6

    Re: [AOSPA 4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 2.99 betaNINE.9+ (Jan 18) | PIE, FIRST BETA RELEASE I have an issue with Bria VoIP app, it keeps force closing when starting it. Any idea how that comes? I need this app. I have been trying the last 3 builds... Can anyone help? BR Sent from my Nexus 7...
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    Post Does your Galaxy Nexus reboot itself (or freeze requiring a battery pull) regularly

    Hi there, I must say, I am a bit disappointed, buying an official Google device and even though the OTAs are quite OK, there are errors (reboots) which are simply annoying. My intention to use only OTA updates is nearly "broken" since I want to have a stable device with "up-to-date"...
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    Post Does your Galaxy Nexus reboot itself (or freeze requiring a battery pull) regularly

    Hi there, I have experienced lately some strange reboots: Incoming call, screen black, no key is responding => reboot Sometimes when opening the camera also a reboot. All original, 4.0.2. Any clues? greets Vlad