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    You don't mention the version of Etherious kernel. I had same deep sleep death bug recently when used Etherious-4.14.241 (private build, another rom). Changed to Etherious-4.14.243 and working well. Don't had that bug when used Etherious-4.14.239 too.
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    ROMs here can get different "status" like "official" "unofficial" "stable"... But my opinion, except the stock official, all roms here are unofficial and experimental. All people using this roms should be accept that thing, anytime can appear issues, bugs. All people want "official" and "OTA"...
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    Post [Firmware] Redmi Note 9s / 9 Pro [curtana] [Auto updated daily!]

    Try to flash the previous firmware from usb-otg or sd-card. I tried few days ago to update from a10(q) 12.0.3 global to R 12.0.1 eu without any encryption issue, but lost the volte and vowifi. Flashed back the Q 12.0.3 and working again.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v3.12 [MIATOLL][20.02.2021]

    It's a bug in aosp ROMs with "prevent accidental wake-up"(proximity sensor check). Try to find in settings and deactivate if enabled.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] Evolution X | DayLight 5.7 [11/05/2021]

    OK... but the question remain: What ROM did you used before tried to install this EvolutionX? Try to flash any kind of Android 11 ROM, to resize the dynamic (super) partition, than try to flash this ROM again.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] Evolution X | DayLight 5.7 [11/05/2021]

    Tried to install this EvolutionX after MIUI ROM? I checked the "dynamic_partitions_op_list" in ROM, and is a bit is unusual, the "super" partition size not defined. MIUI ROMs often use smaller super partition (~6.5GB), and maybe not enough for total size of partitions (~8.5GB) in this rom. Try...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v3.12 [MIATOLL][20.02.2021]

    I don't know if the Gapps have anything with GPS. You can try to flash/update the gapps, the flasher script should remove the older gapps pieces... Make backup before try, if something going wrong...
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    Post [ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS v3.12 [MIATOLL][20.02.2021]

    Depend for which android version... For A10 roms use latest here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/opengapps/files/arm64/ For A11 roms test builds here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/opengapps/files/arm64/test/
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    Post Cannot flash 3rd party rom

    Maybe... If you will provide more informations about phone, recovery, rom, any recovery error message after flashing (before reboot to system)...
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    Post [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][2021/02/19] Fluid 1.2 for Miatoll

    Just a little question: did you installed the magisk manager too (the ...apk)? If yes check if the manager detect the magisk without error.
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    Post [ROM][A11][OFFICIAL][MIATOLL] crDroid 7.4 Alpha release

    Clean flash: format data partition (not = wipe), flash rom, gapps, magisk (if you need root), wipe cache (already offered by ofox after flash) reboot to system, enjoy. If you don't use sd-card, flash rom from internal storage than format data.
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    Post [ROM][A11][OFFICIAL][MIATOLL] crDroid 7.4 Alpha release

    Some curtana users complains about camera bug when other app connected to cam (ex. telegram). If you have curtana, maybe affected only phones with specific version or firmware (4GB ram, A11 firmware?). I have joyeuse, don't had any problem with miui-anx camera.
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    Post [OFFICIAL][RECOVERY]OrangeFox Recovery Project [R11.1]

    I format only data partition (using sd-card for rom-zip), and wipe cache before rebooting to system.
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    Post [ROM][11.1] AICP 16.1 [20/03/2021][UNOFFICE][MIATOLL]

    AICP, I need to try, already downloading. Thank you!