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    Post [APP] GCam for Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra [updated on 13/12/2020)

    guys. the original app is amazing BUT the benefits from a gcam is 1- u can have portrait mood on all lenses 2- front cam is better results period 3- night shots with AW on gives more realistic color tones 4- in some scenarios the details are better specially the ultra wide lense and the 2x...
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    Post Mi 10 Ultra Transparent Edition... on my hands!

    Congratulations man. One of the best, if not the best mobiles in 2020 Now where did u get these covers ☺️
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    Post Photo quality

    Your photo album is empty. But it statement is false BIG TIME. It has one of the best night mood in 2020. Not iphone or pixel level or mi 10 ultra but it's superb specially using gcam. And day photos has incredible details ! Can't understand what's ur complain
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    Post Screen on time

    And on DXomark it looks like it destroyed note 20 ultra in the N20ultra review. Isn't it ? Personally, I don't care about YouTubers or DXOMARK more than my own experience, if u do, then u shouldn't have asked here and just watched these paid youTubers. But since u mentioned it.. OP 8t is pure...
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    Post Charge problem

    U have a defect unit or charger. Send it back
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    Post Screen on time

    I come from note 20 ultra snapdragon. Trust me. No comparison. Specially in details and dark scenarios and zoom and dynamic range. It's even on bar if not better than the new shinny iphone 12 pro that everyone is impressed with
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    Post Camera quality EU vs OG ROM

    There is no 22.10 for ultra. It's suspended They will release Android 11 next and that's a disaster. Based on the comments for all the devices that got the android 11 like mi 10 and mi 10 pro etc... android 11 version is full of bugs and laggy and unusable!
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    Post Camera quality EU vs OG ROM

    Selfie videos with stabilization creates a green video HDR10 videos on 4k and 8K are a total mess It's not fine at all
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    Post Want to buy S20+ at the rate of S20 FE

    If both exynos get the s20+ If s20 fe the snapdragon version. Get it
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    Post Screen on time

    thats it ? thats really bad! i get more with my note 10 plus 5g and i was looking to replace it with his one for the screen and battery!
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    Post Very slow 5G speeds

    Go to access points setup Choose apn protocol and set it to ipv4 And same for apn roaming protocol
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    Post Getting 5G/VoLTE working on SM-N9860 (HK Note 20 Ultra 5G)

    then you are the only one as i can see! and i sold this sh*ty overrated device already. i don't have a problem if the damn thing didn't support 5g in my region since day one! but an update breaks the functionality? and the customer support replies with (we have region locking new policy for...
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    Post Getting 5G/VoLTE working on SM-N9860 (HK Note 20 Ultra 5G)

    No it's not. What's funny is you pay all this money for a flagship supports 5g and you can't use it and you can't use it Unless you buy the sh*ty exynos
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    Post OEM skin/software

    dude I am just wondering. As u stand by ur post I stand by my reply. google and Custom launchers I have no problem with. Same as every xiaomi I got since I discovered their gems starting with mi9 5g last year. Period. But.... Who said I don't want to switch to EU ROM. I am eagerly waiting for...
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    Post Overall love

    I miss my stereo speakers on the mi 10 pro and that's it! If this phone had the same speakers this would be untouchable! Build quality is amazing. I got the silver 16gb ram with 512 memory and I can't be more happy. Some websites like gsm arena state the silver model is actually ceramic not...