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    Post [ROOT][Magisk][10] Root Galaxy A7 2018/A750x Running One UI 2.0

    How will U flash such rom if U don't have custom recovery?🤔 Just a bit of common sense... Just a friendly advice to All who desperately update their devices with stock firmware every time Samsung releases so called 'security patch' - there is no sense! Root access is probably the main and...
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    Post [ROM][One UI 3.0 From A51] For A7/A8/A8+ 2018

    That is absolutely awesome to see that after a long long period with almost non development for A7, it suddenly exploded!😊 Great to see Your publication here @arminhere 👍 Wish U more successful bootings😉
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    Post [ROM/VENDOR][ONEUI3.1][M31 PORT] TreeUI 0.9.4 BETA for A8/A8+/A7

    Great news, great work, great effect!!! Thx a mile for ALL YOUR EFFORTS!
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    Post [Mods]Samsung ¬Android Mods Collection[Exynos]

    Do U use any #hex plug-ins? Data usage counter is a feature provided by csc (think same on OneUI 3.0), but the text itself (like on provided image) can be enabled with bool value in SystemUI.apk (or overlay for it as well)
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    Post Refined Note 8 7.1.1. (Exynos) Stock Samsung Camera now writing video

    First of all, that isn't anything new about video recording. Second - why post this here instead under the orginal thread dedicated for the rom?
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    Post [SM-A750FN/DS] Unofficial LineageOS 17.1 GSI

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    Post [Kernel][ONEUI/GSI][10][A750x] Quantum Kernel v2.5 (Updated: 13.09.2020)

    Sorry but my 'crazyness' about OneUI/TouchWiz is mainly caused by the fact that Samsung firmware is far far away from, so called, Vanilla (AOSP/LOS), which I personally never liked, even tho some users claim better performance. Appreciate your offer on helping in testing - U will be the 1st...
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    Post [ROM][ONEUI 2.5][10.0][A530F/A530W/A730F]FusionX V1.0

    Rather modem (CP) in case of missing imei. ---------- Post added at 05:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:51 PM ---------- Restore your efs in TWRP (or whatever recovery U use). Of course assuming U took a backup before flashing rom (as that is a BASIC thing). Regarding your csc -...
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    Post [Kernel][ONEUI/GSI][10][A750x] Quantum Kernel v2.5 (Updated: 13.09.2020)

    U can be on whatever U want as there are no links of course... However if it ever comes for public, it will be Android 10 OneUI 2.5 based, so no - U won't be able to use it with running Android Pie
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    Post [Mods]Samsung ¬Android Mods Collection[Exynos]

    Probably your issue is fixed in newer based Android versions... As mostly like U are Last Oreo User on this device (only God knows why not updated), try to dig in 'historical' posts in the section dedicated to S9+
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R11.0]

    I would guess we use same dt. Unofficial OrangeFox, which is around for A750, works fine. Unfortunately we can't quote it, use for rooting guides (current posted are not relevant anymore), give links, etc., which makes A7 2018 an abandoned device... Let's contact in Tele, I can promise I will do...
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    Post [Kernel][ONEUI/GSI][10][A750x] Quantum Kernel v2.5 (Updated: 13.09.2020)

    S9 OneUI 2.1/2.5 port for A750 Hi All A7 18 Users, I would like to inform that thx to prashantp01 and with help of other great Developers, currently S9 port is under testing. It successfully booted with most bugs already fixed and most of S9 features working (EdgeLighting, Edge Panels...
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    Post [Kernel][ONEUI/GSI][10][A750x] Quantum Kernel v2.5 (Updated: 13.09.2020)

    Check if the issue carries on latest firmware with stock kernel ---------- Post added at 06:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:51 PM ---------- u wish it was final...:D
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    Post [OneUI3.1 (S21) Ported Apps v1.2][16/01/2021][All Devices with OneUI2.0+ Supported]

    Big THX and hat-off, like U get us used to bring the apks from newest Sammy firmwares. Keep up all Your awesome projects ?