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  • Lot of bugs in v2.20


    1. You packaged twice same 2 files in the cab.
    2. You misplaced some files in the cab, instead of InstallDir you put ProgramFiles.
    3. Program does not save configured cameras.
    4. I must manually edit the Settings.XML file, it's a pain to add and edit manually cameras.
    5. You addnew cameras in IPCams.WML, they are not sorted by names, but partially, it's a real mess.

    Otherwise nice program, but still inferior to IVI ViewCommander-Mobile Pro.

    With regards,

    Zeno Sloim
    Just downloaded your latest software, webcamXP Mobile which appears to be very promising. Had it installed but could not connect to my vivotek cams! webcamxp (jpeg) cams are alright though. No support for my mobile device (HTC Touch Pro2 running WM6.5)? I tried your much earlier version (2.03) and it worked. tom

    Your WebcamXP software is very nice! I am trying the trial downloads now. I cannot get this to work perfectly on my new cam.

    I have a Lorex LNE3003 IP network cam.
    Lorex is not listed is the cam dropdown list however i was able to get the video to show fine using "d-link internet camera" settings. The image url is:

    However, the audio source is not being detected. The Lorex LNE3003 camera has a microphone built in. The microphone works fine using other software. However, I can't get it to work using the Webcamxp software.

    Any ideas?

    Scott Peterson
    scottpet1973 at gmail dot com
    ph # 20 6 629 8798
    i tried your great sw for windows mobile, but found out, that you are supporting genius ipsecure cam 300 but not 300R. Don't know the difference, but I got 300R which is not working ;-(, then I downloaded your Windows XP version and found out, that it is using wrong address to collect data. The correct source for stream for 300R is:


    or single .JPG file is on following URL:

    May you incorporate this in your version? Any helpfull info I can gave you, you are welcome.

    Thank you,

    Je suis l'utilisateur de la IPCam Vilar, j'espère que tu trouveras comment mixer la commande de rafraichissement et l'affichage du snapshot simultanément pour ma Vilar. Malheureusement celà ne fonctionne pas du tout sur ma Edimax 1520.

    (Je t'avais donné 2 liens pour mes webcams cette semaine, d'où ce message privé, mais comme je n'es pas eu de réponse j'ai été obligé de me les réattribués)

    IPCam Vilar avec firmware Edimax EM4482 V1.1.0.38

    IPCam Edimax IC-1520PDg avec firmware IC-1500 V1.34

    Merci pour ce superbe logiciel, a+
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