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    Post EMUI 10 / Hisuite Proxy

    1 question, will updating this way affect future OTA updates from the carrier?
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    Post EMUI 10 / Hisuite Proxy

    Thank you! This worked like a dream in the first try!! Huawei P20 Pro on Telus
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    Thread P20 Pro Update Received

    Received an update today..not to EMUI 10
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    Post Did your l29-c432 device got emui 9.1?

    CLT-L04 here in Canada and I got the update last nite
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    Post [ROM][9.0] Android Open Source Illusion Project [Pre-OFFICIAL]

    since Huawei isn't providing unlocking codes or support, is there a reputable 3rd party that can provide the code? CLT-L04 on Telus in Canada here
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    Post [ROM][9.0] Android Open Source Illusion Project [Pre-OFFICIAL]

    Newbie question..I am assuming that the bootloader needs to be unlocked?
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    Post Oreo just dropped in Canada. Thoughts?

    92% here..may be a fun way to start work
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    Post LG G6 in Canada

    what phone would you go to next?
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    Thread Update Received

    December Security Update No Oreo yet
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    Post Software Update

    yes the October security update also you can enable wifi calling now
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    Thread Software Update

    Download started for new software for H873 on Telus
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    Thread Capture+

    I was wondering if anyone could help me.. I have an H873 from Telus, and since the last update any screenshot I take with capture+ comes up blank. Can I reinstall the APK to correct this? Where can I find the APK?
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    Post LG G6 in Canada

    How do we convince LG to let us unlock the bootloader on the H873
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    Post Lg G6 vs htc 10

    I bought a G6 after my HTC M9 died. It's a good phone and it's been the best phone I've ever had in terms of battery life. If you make the decision to switch make sure you get one of the units that can be rooted tho.