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    Post Mail App

    I only had a problem with the mail app when using it to access my ISP mail account directly. Since setting up Gmail and forwarding my accounts to there I've had no problems with syncing my mails, contacts, calendar entries, chats etc. Strangely my surface is more reliable for chats than my win8...
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    Post [Q] Lumia 800 Battery life

    I've not done any monitoring but I though I'd throw in my 2 cents too... I have found my device to have a very short battery life when charging off the bundled uk plug adapter..however...if I charge my lumia from a USB socket on my laptop or PVR then I get up to 2 days battery instead of just...
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    Post Just can't say goodbye....

    The HD2 is an amazing phone, I've given away 2 upgrades to friends and am still using my HD2...albeit not on wm6.5. I'm using Android and WP7...for this reason alone it's still, IMO, the best phone available for its versility and power.
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    Mine works fine after renaming the folder to 'Android' and booting. It crashes on first boot then I replaced the data.img with the original and now it works fine for me on MAGLDR
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    This can be fixed, at least for me, by replacing the data.img with the one from the original download...not sure why though. This has to be the smoothest, most bug free, fast build I've ever used on my HD2!! A+!
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    IT doesn't need to be 'included' it works with it anyway :) Download it from here:
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    Post [8.1.13][SD/MAGDLR] MccMBoxmaX GS V12 Android 2.3.3[Sense 2.1+3.0]3D Final

    Can't wait! This is by far the smoothest SD build I've ever used, looking forward to the v6 update.
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    Post [APP] RockClock - FREE Alarm Clock

    Sorry friend but I was forced to discontinue my Windows Mobile development completely. I flashed my HD2 to WP7/Android and haven't got another WM device :( The project became 'open source' though if you can compile it and it can be found here...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    By the date I believe he may be making reference to a New York madman that has predicted the end of the world on May 21st/22nd.
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    I was simply re-iterating what other people have said - DFT have the right to do what they want with THEIR development tools. You'd have to be an idiot not to understand that. And by that you mean?!?... I'm sure DFT would love to hear what you 'realise'
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    Post [Q] WhatsApp for WP7?

    According to the developers of WhatsApp there are no plans to support WP7 until various aspects of the OS are changed/updated. It's to do with the way apps are run on the OS. Because WP7 apps are run in a 'sandbox' style environment WhatsApp cannot access the WP7 built in contacts app etc so...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    Err... NO. There is little to no point asking DFT. As stated MANY, MANY, MANY times previously in this thread - they will release it when THEY are ready and not before. From the looks of the video that was released previously they are currently working on NoDo, Mango and a new MAGLDR. It...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    Guys...PLEASE read the rest of the thread before posing news that has already been written. The magnifying glass is part of the Microsoft 'mango' update for WP7. Just google 'DFT +WP7' find their site in the list and hit translate if you want updates on progress. Apparently they are already...
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    Post Cool Toy, Bro

    I have 2 of these :p (see for some stuff I've done with them). There is already a development thread on with regards to Android control but I am sure that they will apreciate some input from this community too. This is a great 'toy' and the community...
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    Post DFT got NoDo working!

    I am interested in NoDo progress... not speculation. The thread title is about 'NoDo Working' not how DFT got WP7 working in the first place. As a member with 1,184 posts I would have thought you would appreciate the importance of keeping to the subject of a thread. You could always start a...