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  • hi Wes,

    i was wondering if the Wg Kernel used in the new open eclair (i think is wg-kernel v5) is available as a separate download (like a flashable zip similar to the vega wg kernel patch) to work on roms like the droid eris or legend roms?
    im taking a liking to ytour mods even more than CM's... im booting up beta1 as i type this, was already diggin your 2.6, but now im off to beta 1, as my phone is now ready to go! cant wait... thanks man! im getting into developing myself, and i have no idea what im doing but, ive been running on xubuntu 910 on my home computer for a coup[le weeks straight, getting real comfy with linux and terminals etc. take care, keep up the good work!
    Hello Wes,

    I'm new here, with an unlocked T-Mobile MyTouch phone.
    I would like some advice on how to install your firmware, maybe some pointers (links) or tutorial as to rooting my phone. I'm new to Android platform, and I'm very confused as to the correct procedure to follow.

    Thanks for your time,
    Hey Wes, you think you can help me out? I have absolutely no sounds on my phone after flashing your ROM. No notifications, no ringtones and when i go to set a ringtone under settings in Sound & Display, it lets me pick it once and then if i go to do it a 2nd time it freezes up and gives me a F/C. I love your ROM as its speedy as hell and stable, no other problems besides this one.
    Been a loyal CM guy for 3 phones now, but your ROM mods to his work are very impressive. If your looking for testers for your X version, I would be happy to assist and provide constructive feedback.
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