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Recent content by wg5566

  1. wg5566

    Post [NewTech 7720 ROM]Gold7_Europe_5.10.401.04_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.5 1.50.21U by ansar

    In windows 7, what I got is called 'container ID', is that the so-called CID in this case?
  2. wg5566

    Post Memory upgrade on HTC 7 PRO

    You can use a Nokia phone with Symbian OS and a card slot on the phone to format the card.
  3. wg5566

    Post [NewTech 7720 ROM]Gold7_Europe_5.10.401.04_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.5 1.50.21U by ansar

    Windows 7 Professional with SP1. Thanks. Edit: If I am not wrong, CID can also get in Windows XP, in the Hardware Manager, in hardware properties info.
  4. wg5566

    Post [NewTech 7720 ROM]Gold7_Europe_5.10.401.04_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.5 1.50.21U by ansar

    Thanks a lot for this continuous help Ansar, really! I've done it through a Y cable half an hour ago. I just got the CID of the card in windows explorer, by this way: right click disk name, click 'properties', the click 'hardware' tab, double click the disk name again, then in 'detailed...
  5. wg5566

    Post [NewTech 7720 ROM]Gold7_Europe_5.10.401.04_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.5 1.50.21U by ansar

    I tried it. But in the trcolor screen, the 'serial' or 'usb' letter does not appear in the lower middle part of the screen. The computuer can not recognise the phone through usb. I keep getting a 'error 260', can not flash it.
  6. wg5566

    Post [SLSPL]7 Pro HTC_Europe Stock Limited SPL ROM to downgrade 5.10.x Bootloader by ansar

    Great invention! Thanks. Update: But I keep getting a 'Errer 260', atfer entered into the tricolor mode, the 'serial' or 'usb' letter doesn't appear on the lower middle part of screen. Sync relationship can not establish. How to overcome this?
  7. wg5566

    Post [NewTech 7720 ROM]Gold7_Europe_5.10.401.04_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.5 1.50.21U by ansar

    MS already released the 8107 update for Gold! Hours ago I flashed this ROM again. To my surprise, WITHOUT deploying the xap, only through ZUNE, the phone got two consecutive updates, 7740 first, and then, you see updated straight to 8107.:D Of course by this way the official update replaced my...
  8. wg5566

    Post [Q] TP2 drops sync after a short while

    If hardware fault, try to change a new cable first. Usually the cable will tear out faster than the port on board.
  9. wg5566

    Post [GPS] Mod Driver - GeoCaching, Lag, Compass, Cell Tower, Altitude, GPS support.

    Mach2003, Sorry for off-topic, but can you take a look at this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=537778 Maybe you can develop something for this, another revolutional GPS performance enhancement on our phone. Thanks.
  10. wg5566

    Post [FIX][08.04.2011]Patch for "Screen won't come on after device wakes" (RHO_S2_00895)

    It's NOT SOD AT ALL On my device, in my case, it's proved to be nothing to do with so called SOD at all, neither has it anything to do with hardware defects or software settings. It's just a matter of 'Slow-Respond-on-First-Bootup-Because-Manila-is-Using-Up-CPU-Resources'. If I switch the...
  11. wg5566

    Post [TUT] The Quest for the Difinitiv Guide to QEMU for Windows Mobile

    Is it possible to make this stuff working in QEMU? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/en-us/evaluate/windows-embedded-standard-7.aspx It is evaluation version, less issues on copyrights. Anybody?
  12. wg5566

    Post problem with NET framework

    Maybe this can help: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=370772
  13. wg5566

    Post any help will do is there a program that will show you the comand line functions

    FdcSoft Task Manager has that function. Check it on www.dotfred.net Or you can make a shortcut (.lnk) file for your command line and run it, does not need an additional software. But the fdc task manager worth a try, it brings something more. edit: there is a guide for .lnk files thread...
  14. wg5566

    Post Selecting multiple entries in WM6.5

    Install the standard Microsoft soft keyboard will bring the ctrl and short key. The cab installer is available on this site, please try the 'search' button. For resouce organize puppose, also can install a light and handy app called Total Commander, use its 'virtual 2 windows' view and it also...
  15. wg5566

    Post [Q] HD2 or TP2?

    Beside the hardware keyboard, there is another function that keeps me to stay with Rhodium TP2, that is its dominant accoustic/sound performance. It is equipped with dual speaker and dual microphone. In addition, you can turn it into a conference phone by simply turn it upsidedown and put on the...