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    Thread VS99029A software update today 8/31/2017

    Received update today, guessing just a security patch VS99029A Meh, this phone didn't get as much development as I would have liked. for me root is getting less and less important. Back in the day we could almost double our battery life etc with custom roms. It feels like the glory days of...
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    Post updating, appears another security update

    I received this as well. I went ahead and accepted it. I know they are working on root, but I am probably going to replace the V10 with something else soon anyway. Update went smooth and no issues after. as rsswga stated it looks like it is just a security patch.
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    Post The latest news on the V10 root! (update 3/14)

    My phone received 26a security update last night. I have not installed it, but just a warning to others.
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    Post Testers needed

    Looks like 26a security patch rolling out.... Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root is coming! Not kidding :) (mm)

    Are we there yet? (I couldn't resist)
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    Post Root is coming! Not kidding :) (mm)

    I hope updating to 25A didn't ruin it for me... :) but fingers crossed.
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    Post Would you recommend this phone to a friend? What about G4

    I have the Verizon variant and it spontaneously died. I was 5 days out of warranty. Luckily LG fixed it under warranty. I love the phone, but the limited root/unlock and sudden death syndrome I would not suggest it.
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    Post New Update - VS99024A?

    my phone was running hot and really burning battery fast after update. I froze dtignite program and it seems to have calmed down.
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    Post LGv10 stuck on LG splash screen on boot

    Yep mine just died out of nowhere as well. 5 days out of warranty. Shipped to LG and will see if they will fix. I am guessing they will charge me. Still don't have the phone fully paid off yet. Sigh. Using my old note 3 untill the v10 gets fixed or pixel xl is back in stock :)
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    Post Upgrade to MM with Rooted LP, do you lose all data?

    Thanks for the input, I should just wipe it.... clean start is always nice.
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    Thread Upgrade to MM with Rooted LP, do you lose all data?

    If I have Rooted 5.1.1 can I go to 6 via LGUP without loosing all my data or is it a total wipe situation? I am ready to give up root, but to lazy to resetup my phone :)
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    Thread official LG bootloader unlock for Europe (except France)

    Now that LG has released official bootloader unlock to Europe, do you think there will be any chance for North American V-10 unlock? I am guessing no. but I am happy for those across the pond.
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    Post Upgrade to MM or Stick with Root - Which did you do and why?

    I'm sticking with Root, waited too long for it. Lots of benefits with root, wanam, adaway, titanium, etc. MM root will come soon enough, but if it doesn't I'm ok.
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    Post LG V10 Fingerprint Sensor FIX!

    If it is in a case it could be having this issue. There was a software update that fixed it for my Verizon V10. Try with out the case.
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    Post Slow-motion video not working

    Thank you, I think mx player was default.... Thanks it works now! Happy camper