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  • Great site. This is the first forum i joined w/my HTC HD2. Good to see all the great advice and tips. Thanks!
    hey whyskeybro..your work is excellent. I tried your latest clocks but how do i get the black see thru net on the clock backround??
    hi whiskeybro
    tks and appreciated your job. I saw your clock/weather background quite beautiful? can you share it to me? also, does it worked with CoOkie Home Tab?
    extreme analog rhodium

    i love those tab icons, do you remember which manila file you have to edit to make the icons that size, i have the icons from showacos bbextreme but when i put them on my phone the are much smaller and square

    This is the nicest collection of VGA wallpaper I have seen. Keep up the great work!...David.

    BTW: How did you do your avatar and what are the components?
    Hihi!, I love your clock design very much. Can you help me to do one with my Rolex face? Can the date be change accordingly also? Thank you.

    i want to have the same icons as you have on the top of the screen (bt, batt, signal, ao) Can you please tell me what to search or if there is a cab file for this?

    Hi whiskeybro,
    I saw thaht you were really good in clock settings.
    Actually i have a problem with Nisse analogclock.cab and even with the analogclock.zip :
    my softkeys on the tf3d are disabled.
    But i've checked the values with phmregistry. They haven't changed :s
    Have you an idee to resolve the problem ?
    Or can you drop me the manilla files for the softkeys


    PS : if you need a screenshot, tell me :)
    Hey bro! I need serious help... Yesterday I was out with some friends and suddenly my Diamond didn't respond to anything...Tried to push every button but nothing happens.. Tried to take out the battery and the SIM card but no different. Also tried the small red button behind the pointer, but nothing. Know anything that might work??? I'm so sad right now don't know what to do :(
    okay i have figured out how to edit the start menu icon and i have made an htc icon, but it sucks, can you just send me the htc icon, i would so greatly appreciate it...i will even make a donation to you through paypal, i am just desperate to have this icon...thanx in advance
    Hi, I love the mj leaf you have as your start icon! I'm very new to modding phones, but wondered if you would be able to make me a marijuana theme? Or even just some tab icons? I appreciate it's a lot to ask. Please let me know if this is possible, thanks
    Hallo, heb jij geen problemen met de telefoon settings (Trillen en bellen)? Welke versie gebruiK jij?
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