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  • Hello, I have an LG Incite and downloaded a WQVGA ported version of this Manila and it works great and everything but the bottom tab bar scrolling is a HUGE issue. When I first turn on the phone, the scrolling is perfect for around 1-2 minutes then it gets choppy and then even worse! I have tried the registry edits in HTCGesture changing the time continuous to 100, 200, 500 etc. but 100 is the only one that gets it working for 1-2 minutes. I also have changed TimeDBLClick to 100, thread priority to 1, TimePanningHold to 100, TimeStartMove and TimeStopHold to 100 with no luck. If their is a fix for this I would greatly appriciate you helping me out. Also, I am running WM 6.5.5 if that has a factor on the scrolling.
    HTC Gene has only 64Mb of RAM. Even if you will make Manila run on it you wont be able to run anything else. I would recommend older version of Manila.
    Dear White Alien Can you provide the working manali 2d v 2.0 build 19191432 which has flip support and also weather tab on home screen thanks you in advance..
    Dear While alien can you provide manali 2d v 2.0 build 19191432 cab which work on 6.1 with flip support and also weather tab on home please provide...
    i am a gene user With Qvga display...
    thank you
    That Manila version is QVGA and your device screen resolution is WVGA, so its no compatible with your phone
    @panoramixxx - analog clock is not developed by default by HTC, but you can find some skins who use analog clock.

    @incubus - I will
    I have in you question about Manila 19191432 .. you're a creator? I wonder still further anolog clock?
    hi....thanks for all those cabs.......really great work....!!!! appreciate it..!!!
    would you be so kind to tell me how u converted them..???? please
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