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    Post [ROM][11.0_r48][UNOFFICIAL][STABLE]ShapeShiftOS[GUACAMOLE]

    Hallo all, Run "hey Google" on this Rom? It´s ok. lol
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    Post [ROM][Android 12][OP7Pro] crDroid v8.1 [23.01.2022]

    Hello all , OOS 11 is not yet available for Europe. Can I flash CRdroid 7.5 differently?
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    Post [ROM][Android 12][OP7Pro] crDroid v8.1 [23.01.2022]

    I will Test , many Thanks (y) It run but i see noting when i call any People. I have no RED or Green Button. I take another App. it Run.
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    Post [ROM][Android 12][OP7Pro] crDroid v8.1 [23.01.2022]

    First excause me for my bad English. i have the Problem , i Flash my sm913 With MSM tool, then i go with the Instuction on Side 1. (First time Installation), It´s all ok, but when i start to system, Boot the Handy to twrp. Can anyone help me, i will have this super Rom. I runs on my handy from...
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    Post [APK] XBMC Media Player

    New Upload? Can anyone Upload the XBMC Version for Tegra 2, Please? It´s all down.
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    Post M2 10 Official Android 6.0 Update will come!

    Hallo, i become a Ota Update, it stay by 100% but only 132MB. And i wait now for 2 Day to go on. Can you help me, Please. Excause me for my english. It´s ok, you can delete this.