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    Post [ROOT] RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter | Updated 01.26.13

    Did you ever figure out a fix? How am I going to mod my phone now?!
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    Post Any verdict on 3rd party chargers?

    Bought two of those. One for work (watch keeps "unsyncing" from my phone and I see "Start Journey" a lot. So my Watch tries to use LTE, and the signal is so weak... my watch dies very quickly!) so now I can charge it at work. Bought another for when we travel. Wife and I can take turns charging...
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    Post Samsung Gear App problem

    Having the same problem with my Google Pixel XL and Gear S3 Frontier. I'm running Android 8.1. I have gotten "Start Journey" 3 times so far, and every time I have to reset my watch... sign in... restore everything... just to have to do it again in a couple days!! It's getting very annoying.
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    Post [ROM] QuietOS - Privacy Focused ROM - Deknoxed, Debloated

    This was created on my anniversary! I have a Stock Note 5. Was looking to put a new rom on it. We'll see how this one goes!
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    Post Zero lemon 9300 mah battery
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    Post Nvidia Shield TV SSD - done

    Tilator: Oh... my... gosh... I got it to work! I had to use another 500GB hard drive because of your blocks that you calculated. I tried using CloneZilla but it just would NOT clone my working Shield Hard Drive! Let's go back... About a year ago, I plugged in my original Shield Pro I got on...
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    Post Nvidia Shield TV SSD - done

    I don't know. I'm certain that it still uses the internal drive for boot files and such. The Hard Drive on one of my Shield Pro's died, so I'd be unable to check that anyways.
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    Post Nvidia Shield TV SSD - done

    Hi Tilator! I have re-uploaded your files to MediaFire. It's an instant link with no waiting, ads, or anything. It will download as fast as your internet can handle! Feel free to put it in the OP. I unzipped the 2 zips...
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    Post What happens to shield pro after the hard drive dies

    My Hard Drive died and now I know why it just stopped booting up all together. GParted and command line can read the smart data, but the moment you send a read command to it... the good ole sound of death comes out of the drive. It's done. I tried to...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS for the Shield Portable

    I also have insane bootloops with latest nightly and nano. Was about to flash back to stock and say screw it, but I might try the Pico gapps and see if it can boot up. Let it sit all day, and it appeared to stop boot looping when I got home. Went to launch an app, then it kept boot looping...
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    Post Fire TV Stick 1 or 2? How to tell the difference?

    O_o, I have a Gen 1 with original software. What would you do with it? Can I update to and then root? I can't use the normal software update, because it will put the latest on it and then become unrootable.
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    Post Moto G4 Plus XT[1640-44] ATHENE NPJ25.93-14 FASTBOOT + Relock Bootloader

    sakhura, you are extremely awesome and through Google, I have found this post. :)
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    Thread OnHub Smart WiFi Router Review!

    I've had this thing for exactly a month now, and I'm sold... It has replaced my other routers (AC68U and others) and has provided similar range and speeds of my 300+ dollar routers. Here is my video: One thing I forgot to cover is that you can change the brightness...
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    Post New Security Update

    I see ATT in that link, but I also see MR, NA, Gen, and Unlock. I have the M9 Developer Edition. Would that be the same? Cause if you go to HTC's support site, the latest M9 Developer Edition RUU is an old one.