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    Thread OP7pro battery at 1%

    I recently changed the battery of my OP7pro with a brand new oem one. Problem is the battery goes to 100 to 1 quite fast and then it stays at 1% until it dies. Battery life is quite good with the new one (at least 2 days) but this 1% drives me nuts. What have i tried: - followed this guide...
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    Thread Accessories Wireless car chargers

    What wireless car chargers have you guys tried with 10 pro? Is this any good?
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    Post Question OxygenOS 12.1 A.14 incremental Global Update

    NE2213 here not rooted. Downloaded incremental via Oxygen updater. Installed via System Update app. Crashed every time at 71%. Downloaded full update via Oxygen updater. Installed via System Update app. Worked. 🤷‍♂️
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    Post New update BUE3

    Got the update today. R480 XSG
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    Post Is it possible to switch GM1910 to European ROM without unlock or root?

    I bought a GM1910 and it came with Oxygen OS, not with the Chinese version. Currently it's updated to 10.3.0. Just open it and power it on. I think these are sold in HK market so it comes preinstalled with OxygenOS
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    Post Genuine / spare parts for U11? Bought from them in the past. Screen, usb-c port, battery. All OEM genuine.
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    Post No custom ProClip planned for HTC 10

    I'm using this. Perfect for my needs.
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    Post [Discussion] HTC One M8 - Updates

    I had the same problem. The files that I remember modifying previously were hosts (adaway), gps.conf, and I couldn't put the originals back so the only solution was to restore a nandroid backup. After that the update worked.
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    Post [Discussion] HTC One M8 - Updates

    Thanks. I'll try to remember what system files I've modified. Is there any chance of a installation dump log where I can find what is the file in question?
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    Post [Discussion] HTC One M8 - Updates

    Force a reboot by holding POWER+VOL UP for more than 10 sec while update is running, then quickly press POWER+VOL DN. Eventually it will boot normally or it will go into bootloader.
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    Post [Discussion] HTC One M8 - Updates

    I can't install this update. It's weird. I have: HTC M8 International, CID J15, S-OFF, 1.54.401.10, rooted, stock Sense, TWRP recovery What I did: - flashed stock recovey 1.54.401.10 - erased the cache on recovery - re-locked bootloader (just in case) - check for updates - download...
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    Post [ROM]InsertCoin 5.0-6 | SENSE 5 | JellyBean 4.2.2

    RealCalc and Tune in seem normal to me. I'm running 5.0-5. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
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    Post OTA-update 1.17.401.1

    Got it. CID: HTC__J15