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    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Hello, in the previous version and this last screen does not turn on or off with the original case. regards
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    Post [ROM][29 Jan] Helios v7.27.0 * TW * Xposed * android 7.0 * DRA9

    Is it a crime to ask for it? Is because I am in DQC1 and I would not like to install the DQC4 and that the DEV releases last firmware. :(
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    Post Samsung S8 V3_1 DREAM UX Full theme ONLy NOUGAt

    Hello, very nice, there is possibility to put the keyboard gray and white as stock thanks
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 8 v.7.04.23 by ENIAC

    yeeeaahh thanks Eniac!!!!!
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][TITAN][7.1] LineageOS 14.1 [UNIFIED]

    Hi guys, the update is mandatory full wipes or can be done in dirty.
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    Post Help with odin

    Solved, uninstalled old drivers installed the latest now works all right in odin both the N4 and the s7 edge. Thanks for the help
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    Post Help with odin

    Thanks for the answer, and I have them installed unless they are uninstalled for some reason that I do not know. But I think I have the localized problem because s7 edge that I have also does not recognize me odin I think it can be an update drivers I made a few days ago.
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    Thread Help with odin

    Hello, I have a problem with odin, I do not know the phone, this is the debugging usb mode I tried with several odins and none recognizes the device I installed many firms and suddenly I do not recognize the odin device. In mtp if you recognize me you have some idea Thank you
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    Post [SAMSUNG][Android 6.x/7.x/8.x] SYSTEMLESS DevBase v2.1 | Encryption support

    Hello Alexdr, in the last 9 months I only carry in my Note 4 your bases, it is a pleasure to have you here. I see that you are only releasing 6.x.x are you going to work on Nougat soon? Greetings, thanks for your work
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    Post Naughty Beta 4 by ROM Central

    Hello, installed without problems coming from beta 4 does not need bootloader or modem. Format data, wipes art-dalwik, system, data, cache and restart. Very fast and smooth for the moment. Thanks for the work.
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    Post Naughty Beta 4 by ROM Central

    Welcome, thank you, share your work
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    Post S7/edge Android 7.0 Beta 4

    As says gentleman I see nothing
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    Post Nougat Beta Registration Live Again

    Grrr arrived late to register the beta program is complete, is the message that throws me.