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    Post how to restart device after HTC startup complete?

    exactly what I was searching for, many thanks . best forum I've ever seen. ;)
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    Thread how to restart device after HTC startup complete?

    I am building my custom rom, I want my device to restart when the HTC startup configuration is finished and the finish button pressed. Any body know how to do this? also I want to khow how to cook mortscript in to my rom, any documentation? , as I have cooked it in to my rom but it doesn't...
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    Post [APP]Filter Rules for SMS 4.6 (UPDATED 23rd-March)

    well actually I lost over 2000 of my beautiful SMS s which I have saved over 2 years, since I am very lazy to get backups!! :p do you plan to release an update for this dude? I have tried to work on your source code but I always give me error, I am using VS2008.
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    Post [APP]Filter Rules for SMS 4.6 (UPDATED 23rd-March)

    is there any command line for hiding SMS ? for example privatesms.exe -hide ! or sth like this?
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    Post L [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    in the 29020 version , the SMS/MMS theme is broken. if you go to deleted sms or if you disable threaded SMS view you will see the double gray box theme for a single line SMS.... How to fix this?
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    Post [APP 2.1+] Root Call Blocker - [PRE BETA SIGNUP NOW ACTIVE]

    any updates for this dude?
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    Post [HTC Wizard] Ham3r's beta ROMs

    in your ROM some times ACTIVE SYNC not works. also when I restore SMS using PIM backup half of the SMS wont restore.
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    Post [APP]Filter Rules for SMS 4.6 (UPDATED 23rd-March)

    I have Created a sub folder under PRIVATE Folder and put some SMS it it , I have hidden the PRIVATE Folder but when I unhidden it the sub folder is missing, can u please help?
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    Post does not display "CALL FORWARD" for my 2nd phone number

    I flashed WM 6.1 on my HD2 but cant get this to work. any update for over beloved HD2?
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    Post [APP 2.1+] Root Call Blocker - [PRE BETA SIGNUP NOW ACTIVE]

    thank you for your great work specially the don't answer function , I have some suggestion: 1- Adding "Contact Group" Block method would be great 2- If the application can support rules priority that would also be awesome. :rolleyes: 3-as mentioned above adding some private sms solution would...
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    Post Incoming Forwarded Call

    I think we have this option on omina II I8000... can any one please share the application?
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    Thread [Q] Incoming Forwarded Call Indicator

    I have hd2. I want application to identify incoming forwarded calls. any idea?:)
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    Thread Incoming Forwarded Call

    Is there any way to identify Incoming Forwarded Calls on HD2? :)
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    Post [Dec 29]CrossbowHD2 v1.0 Final (WWE) Windows Mobile 6.1

    thanks for 0.7 version. everything is ok expect the missing "Screen" icon in settings which can be added using HKLM>Control panel>Pen, HIDE=0 also 576MB ram not working! thank you chef
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    Post Infrared transmitter dongle/adapter for the HD2

    can we attach the infrared devices to micro usb port of HD2?