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  • i was wondering if you could tell me were to find the cabs you mentioned in the installation process ..,
    Hello xbmod, i was wondering if you could reupload the additional languages cab or/and .zip, as the old links are down.
    Lots of work on my side
    for now i don't have the choice
    i need to stop manila dev
    sorry everyone
    if you need info ask me i can always help
    Hello Xbmod ... I have a small clarification , is there any specific xbmod HD mannila for touch diamond. pls let me know .Thank you very much.
    First off, great work guys. you guys made my device so much better.
    I have a problem with TF3D 2 restarting when I press the clock on the home screen. I'm running the latest mighty rom with 1.11 radio. I tried looking through the thread for a couple of days but couldnt find any solutions and only found 1 person with the same problem. If this is a problem with my rom, thats fine, I will still use this TF3d, just wanted to know if it there was a fix. Thank you very much.
    Hey xbox,

    I dont know if this is helpful, but it seems i have found out some more info with the CDMA text messaging problem (this is after i applied the fix, multiple ways).

    It seems it sends messages via the tf3d interface fine IF you don't already have the contact in your contact list; ie sending a reply back to the number itself (9313332124 for example). If the message is from someone in your contact list, you will end up with a:

    "Message Undeliverable. Make sure the text message address was entered correctly and try again."

    The message then will get saved to drafts, and it seems, the TO: address is trying to route to mailbox, voice. (voice mailbox).

    Any ideas? Other than this problem this works perfectly! Keep up the good work. If you happen to get a fix for this, i would gladly donate to you :).

    Hello xboxmod, I am really pleased with your work. I would like to help with the Bulgarian version of it so please let me know what you need.

    We want wqvga tf3d 2 plz , if u can do that .
    it's 4 samsung Omnia i900
    and keep up ur good work ;)
    Hey man, kick ass on the Touch HD port... worked wonderfully on my HTC Touch Pro (Raph Version).

    I would love to ask a question, you said there is not, as of yet, Landscape support.

    1. Is it in the works?
    2. If so, is it a new version of the old one, with modifications? or will it be a completely different port?

    Either way, kick a$$ job on the Touch HD TouchFLO Port. I don't want you to think I am ungrateful, I am. Truthfully, I rarely used the original TouchFLO Landscape mode, but did occasionally. It is just that it's kind of iritating when it "spazzes" out when I put it in landscape. Ascetics and all, you know.

    Again, thank you for your awesome work.
    Thank you SOOOOO much for all the time and effort you've put into Manila Rhodium! It's stunning work for sure! Sent a small donation for the simple reason that you 100% deserve it for all your contributions here!! Confirmation number:
    this is incredible (bellUI.) thank you huglely! everything is so straight forward and where you want it to be. perfect
    i want tell youthank you for your nice work.

    My questiotn is and i postet in your threat, it is possible to use your mod also on the htc kaiser (tytn II) oder the eten glofissh dx900.
    pleas can you set this information at the begining of your threat so that every people can see this.

    I will be verry happy when you send my a andswere,

    thank you theo and sorry for my english
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