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    Post unresponsive touch screen in a brand new phone JIAKE G910

    2nd Update I charged it up to 100% using an USB power supply instead of the USB interface from the laptop and did not see the unresponsive touch screen problem again so battery voltage is probably not the problem. Perhaps the interaction between the phone and laptop over USB is the culprit. I...
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    Post unresponsive touch screen in a brand new phone JIAKE G910

    UPDATE to unresponsive touch screen in JIAKE G910 phone. Thank you Just a short update on this problem. Since the only thing that changed was the battery was fully charged for the first time. I decided to let it run down despite the touch screen being unresponsible. Guess what; the next...
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    Thread unresponsive touch screen in a brand new phone JIAKE G910

    I have the same phone for about 3 days. Today, after connecting to USB for several hours to fully charge the phone, the touch screen is suddenly totally unresponsive. I had to disconnect the battery to turn it off. I boot up in recovery mode and did a factory reset, and after power up I got...
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    Post Groove IP vs Talkatone

    echo I had an echo problem with GrooveIP on voice calls (one one end only). In addition GrooveIP incoming calls work only one way (caller can hear but receiver cannot.) Tried Talkatone and no echo plus send/received voice calls worked fine.
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    Post For those worried about lack of storage (USB-OTG discussion thread)

    left angled OTG cable Try: http://www.ebay.com/itm/i9100-Galaxy-S2-Micro-USB-Host-Cable-OTG-left-angled-/110722081774?pt=US_USB_Cables_Hubs_Adapters&hash=item19c78ce3ee Advertised as "left" angled and the picture seemed to confirm this. Only $2 including shipping. Good luck
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    Post [Q] Windows ADB USB drivers?

    ADB driver Try to root toolkit from Wugfresh http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1766475 There is a very complete and usable guide to install ADB driver for most version of windows (XP->win 7). You don't have to unlock or root; just use the interactive guide for driver...
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    Post Nexus 7 doesn't get detected on my laptop

    MTP on window XP-SP3 It worked for me. After I installed WMP 11, my N7 showed up in My Computer and I could drag/drop files to/from it. I used the download from CNET at http://download.cnet.com/windows-media-player/?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1d You may also have a "stale" already...
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    Post Nexus 7 doesn't get detected on my laptop

    MTP on window XP-SP3 For window XP check your Window Media Player version. If it's version 9 or older, MTP is NOT supported. You can update Window Media Player to version 11 (some say that 10 would do it too, but I tried 11 and it worked for me). This will enable winXP-SP3 to support MTP. This...
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    Post [Q] Windows XP Driver

    WinXP-SP3 MTP drivers I have the same problem. Check your WinXP Window Media Player version. If it's 9 or older, that may be the problem. After I updated my Window Media Player 9 to version 11, I now see the N7 in "My Computer". I was able to drag and drop file then.
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    Post USB mtp issues

    MTP on window XP-SP3 I think that Window Media Player version 10 or higher supports MTP in window XP-SP3. But if you have access to a window vista or higher OS, MTP is supported natively. Good luck
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    Post Stock JRO03c image for N7? Need help - dead N7

    stock N7 rom image Try this: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images
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    Post Help transfering files from pc to N7

    File xfer PC <-> N7 I had the same problem. After a lot of head scratching, I found out that window XP SP3 does not support MTP out of the box. You may be able to get MTP support in Window Media Player version 10 or higher. However, I have access to a PC running window vista which supports MTP...
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    Post Nexus 7 Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

    static IP settings You need to find out the IP addr for the default gateway and DNS server in addition to the static IP addr that you have entered. These addresses should be available from the Internet Service Provider. If you use DHCP, these are all taken cared of for you. By the way DHCP...
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    Post Nexus 7 Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

    DHCP worked for me I did not have to use static IP addr; DHCP worked fine. My only problem is I did not broadcast SSID and I enabled MAC addr filtering. Once I enabled broadcast SSID and disable MAC addr filtering, my N7 connected up right away using DHCP; no need to set up static IP addr.
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    Post How do I transfer files to my Nexus 7

    transfer file from PC to N7 over USB I tried to xfer file from my window XP, SP3 to the N7 over USB. Contrary to the guide, after the USB is connected there was no "mass storage device" under "My Computer" to put files into. However there is an MTP device. I tried to use Window media Player to...