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  • Dear Xeon, i'm NSN employee, besides you know that in order to connect to our network username and token password are mandatory and no one will have them unless he is NSN employee.

    Please you know how important to have your mail on your mobile.
    i mean you yourself was trying hard to work it out.
    Thanks anyways for your reply.
    Hello Xeon, can you please show how exactly you succeeded to download NSN mail using VPN.
    Can you please provide me with the VPN prog. that you used and what are the settings you entered.(IP address, password for connecting to the IP address. etc.)

    Hello, could you help me?
    I bought a 16GB memory for my HD2, seems that with the new memory the battery discharge faster than I had the original 2GB. Is there something wrong?
    Hello Xeon, I hope that all is ok from your side!
    Unfortunatly no so high BRM...will do better in the next half, I hope;-)
    About the HD2 all is ok, the only problem where I hope you can help me is that the WiFi connection runs 1 time every 5 tentatives.... I don't think is a problem related my router becouse I tried with my N72 company mobile and all is every time ok.....
    Thanks for the help!
    Hello Xeon, Happy New Year first of all!
    I've seen that the HSPL is now released ;-)
    I'd like to know:
    can I use some Official or cooked ROM with the HSPL?
    is possible to save/restore my actual T-Mobile UK ROM for warranty issues?
    if I use the HSPL can I also change the language of the ROM (e.g. from T-Mobile UK to Italy)?
    Thanks for your help!
    Hello Xeon,
    hoping that I'm not doing the wrong thing...

    I wish you and your family Merry Christmas
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