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    Post N920P N7 TelePort RC5

    Killet job on this ROM ;)
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    Post GT-P5210 stuck on boot screen after trying to root

    You couldn't flash super user from TWRP?
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    Post Galaxy S3

    When i had my S3, it was the only ROM I ran with ;)
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    Post [ROM] MOAR Rom Q&A Thread for the Galaxy Note 5

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this awesome ROM :)
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM] [4.4.4] SlimKat (d2spr) Stable 7.0

    I just got a Galaxy Note5 SM-N920P. Any chance of Slim being made for it?
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    Post Root?

    Page not found......but thanx anyway
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    Post Why no root for .Sm-t217s??

    Which recovery?
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    Thread Root?

    I can't find my exact model anywhere. Anyone ever rooted this one?
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] SlimKat (d2spr) Stable 9.0

    Dial Code? I've lost my 4G also, there's a dial code to restore it?
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    Post Fix For ANNOYING Device Hardware ID Missing

    :good::good: I just installed the latest drivers without Kies.......not sure why everyone thinks Kies is so important, but the op said, the key is to make winblows install what you want and not what it finds out on some server some where.... thanx man.... OH and here's what I...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Marshmallow 6.0][d2SPR] PAC-ROM

    Don't know, I'm grabin 11-18 now :D
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    Post [ROM/MOD]*TheCollective*[1-30-14] AoCP - CP7.1 {4.4.2} for L710

    This did the trick....thanx everyone for your help....and like I said...kick ass ROM
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    Post [ROM/MOD]*TheCollective*[1-30-14] AoCP - CP7.1 {4.4.2} for L710

    No, I haven't actually, I didn't know there was a 11-15....I take it there are some nightly's some where :o I have not tried this yet, but I will....thank you very much by the way :D I did however try this earlier today......and didn't help....I do appriciate the help though... Thank you
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    Post [ROM/MOD]*TheCollective*[1-30-14] AoCP - CP7.1 {4.4.2} for L710

    Hmmmm.....well I've tried both now......and followed the directions and still no radio :/ I attached a screen shot if it helps Thanx in advance, I love this ROM....I've went back to 6.4, it freakin fast and LOOAAADED...