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    Post My Nexus 6 died on water ?

    best thing to do next time, is to dry the phone and stick it in some isopropyl alcohol (to try and get rid of the corrosion and stop it, if there is any), that's the best thing you can do, tip: never use rice, salt is also a bad idea, best thing would be to take out each part individually now...
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    Thread Just got a nice nexus 6 from Lancashire any kernel recommendations?

    Can anyone reccomend a good kernel for marshmallow?
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    Post [ROM][4.0.1][CAF][5.1.1][Most LG G2 Variants][Floating Window]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    I was wondering if anyone knew if Bluetooth worked properly on 3.2? I am currently on another ROM and for my life, it has issues with Bluetooth meaning I can't stream music or take phone calls in the car. If anyone could tell me if it works on this ROM I would very much appreciate it :)
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    Post [APP][5.0.2][IR]LG QuickRemote for AOSP [1-13-15]

    if it keeps FC'ing then it is most likely that the init.d scripts are not running, download universal init.d app and turn it on, then reboot wait till universal init.d kicks in after phone has booted, so 30 seconds each boot or so, click ok on the FC and it's usable :)
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    Post [JDCTeam][STABLE][5.1.1][26 January] Optimized CyanogenMod 12.1 builds [EOL]

    Will the next build include the temporary memory leak fix for android 5.1, they have it in omnirom. Do they have it in cm 12.1 already?
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    Post How do we fix the stuttering? Concerning the ~58.6hz refresh rate

    well I don't know what the difference between your phone and mine is exactly, however I have tried the 21 nightly also and cannot get anywhere above 58hz on stock kernel as well or any other kernel. D821 - Black - CM12 5.0.2 - 16gb Edit: Mine is also a Rev_11E
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    Post How do we fix the stuttering? Concerning the ~58.6hz refresh rate

    which cm12 build did you test? I have tried the latest 18 nightly and can only get 58.6hz...
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    Post Let's get the G1 alive & kicking again

    Tengku you are back!!! :D
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    Post Let's get the G1 alive & kicking again

    I like the idea of this :D haven't been here in damn ages but for nostalgic purposes I say why not I am on board :)
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    Post [ROM]Enomther's TheOfficial D/S - v2.14.2 - 12/28/2010

    didn't know people still used the HTC G1, good to see it's still kicking :)
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    Thread [Q] Would another ROM be worth it?

    So I have been with the Nexus 5 since it came out and I see there are a lot of Nexus 5 ROM's available question is would it be worth it to make one more? because I am interested in making new ROM's again.
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    Post [M][6.0] Frank N5 - AOSP [10-19-2015]

    don't get too happy im only 20 lol still young
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    Post [M][6.0] Frank N5 - AOSP [10-19-2015]

    I dont know I have to work with nothing but apple devices for my job....not that I like it exactly if it was up to me I would turn it into a Android heaven lol but between ios 8.1 and osx yosemite the new messaging and calls feature between the devices is pretty good but yeah still only one...
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    Thread Has anyone else had issues with a jumbled screen?

    I was wondering how many others have had a similar issue to the picture below where the screen is all jumbled up? i'll be taking the phone back just wondered how many have had the issue and did anyone fix?