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    Post Surface, lag, slow app launch slow internet

    If you are having issues, it might be the browser. Engadget is terrible, but I don't think that has anything to do with the browser, more how they have the page setup. The verge for example loads better, WPC, etc. I personally love mine and can't wait for the pro. Hello Onenote and digitizer pen!
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    Post Galaxy Note 10.1 ROOTED! [ClockworkMod Recovery Is HERE!][HighOnAndroid Custom ROM]

    Nice, read about this on Engadget, another notch.
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    Post Thanks..

    I wasn't even going to check out XDA and then I read this, hilarious!
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    Post Buying broken, obliterated, shattered Epic 4G Touch. Need motherboard

    Seriously? What has happened to xda? Just get on ebay or craigslist. If none of that crap matters you will be way more likely to find something legit on proven sources on ebay then starting a thread.
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    Man, you know what I realized, you guys are straight flashing junkies. When there is a drought, you eat your own. When stuff is churning, y'all some tripping biotches haha!! I'm stone sober right now, but this thread isn't making it easy.
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    Post Anyone Interested in a Rasta Theme? (images inside)

    I vote Marley and you 808?
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    Post [ROM] CM10 alpha5.3: Android 4.1.1 for Samsung Epic 4G Touch

    Always impresses how quickly progress is made sometimes....
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    Not busting your stones, but they could learn how us original Evo 4G users learned, by doing it. Toast's step I & II is what introduced me to ADB and we have been together ever since (ADB). If you're on XDA, you should know ADB period.
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    I will say it since I don't mind vacations, but are you just trying to troll? Hondacop did it best, so your're not blazing a trail. All that is really needed is logcats, so random posts about reboots is about as useful as a football bat. I know I have seen folks post how to pull them, do you...
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    Post Text backup

    I use an app called "SMS Backup" and it works just fine.
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    you grab any logcats?
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    Post ICS for Epic Touch!!! FF18 Update thread

    Any Odin package from SFHUB will do. You can choose to either have root or not by using the auto root tool as well. As long as you can get to download mode you can get to whatever you want in style using SFHUB's work.
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    When in doubt, Odin out. Any Odin package from SFHUB will take you back home safely with root.
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    Post Let's see those homescreens!!!! Again...

    For a dude thats been on XDA for a "minute" ( April 2012) you don't seem know how to search or look around. If you can't find a sticky, not really my problem, but hey, I can be a smart ass too and then say thanks with a :cowboy::cowboy:
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    Post SBrissens JB Discussion Thread

    @Scar - Can we get the preferred flashing method thrown up in post #1 or 2 or whatever doesn't bbbbbbrick?