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  • hi xmoo, i would like ask..if there is really a stock rom 1.48.720.2 WWE (71294)..coz i'm really having hard time looking for that stock rom...hope you could help me...
    wuz up buddy im running 2.10.531.1 rom. I was wondering which software do i download for my htc hd2, without having to brick my phone... thanks
    hi Xmoo..

    frnd.. can you please tell me which rom to use ?? i require 6.5 rom with latest manila with no sms problem.
    I having issues with my htc hd2. After it idles the screen wont turn on only the hard buttons light on, sometime it freezes and when i reboot the screen flickers when it is a the tmobile sticker. I have to soft reset alot only to use it for about 30min before i does one of the three issues.
    Hello,can you have RUU_Leo_1_5_TMOUS_2.11.531.T1_Radio_Signed_15.36.50.07U_2.09.50.29_2_ship??
    Thanks for your quick reply. Its strange since the link doesn't require you to enter the device serial number since it is not a ROM update, it is just a "hotfix". Am I still out of luck? If I do flash the HSPL will I be able to apply this hotfix without flashing a new custom ROM?

    Hi xmoo, you might consider updating the kaiser android post, obviously you've moved on to another device, but that IS still one of the largest threads in the Kaiser section.

    I come from Germany and i hope you can help and understand me ;-)
    I have a HTC HD2 and i will disable the screen, when SMS come in.
    When i in the registry (smswakeup) and i will from number 1 to number 0 then come
    a screen NONE ACCESSED!
    Can you say me, how can i doe it.. or give it a software (app) frome HD2 ?

    Best regards, Marcel


    my e mail adress: [email protected]
    Thanks very much! I appreciate your post about the HD2. It was very helpful in my decision to purchase one.
    Hi xmoo. My HD2 is coming to HK in a few days so I was reading the xda forums to get ready! You mentioned "HDTools" as a method to prevent the 3 sec lag in calls; I tried my best to google & search this forum for that software. Would you please reply with the link to that tool? Thanks so much. --Roy
    I am looking for a 6.5 ROM for my Kaiser, I am living in india. AS such i see so many ROMS i am really confused, can you point me the right place?
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