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  • hey, i'm sorta new to xda and some of the stuff on the website. I'm having some trouble with tomtom7. I have the software installed, and i have a trial map, but it won't seem to find gps signal. I believe u had a similar problem, but i don't really understand how u solved it. can u elaborate on how u fixed this issue

    this is your post from tomtom7 thread... thanks a lot btw

    Installed this on my tilt & having no love with the gps. Any clues guys? It just sits there saying "No GPS Device" whether I use "Built-in GPS receiver" or "Other NMEA GPS receiver" w/ com4/4800baud settings.

    I've closed TT7 & fired up other gps-using software and all of them seem to be able to use the gps.

    Edit: It looks like Tom Tom requires that your leds work. I had to re-enable leds in the registry:


    Dunno why it requires it on my Tilt, but it seems to be the only way I got Tom Tom to work. All other GPS apps seem to be fine w/ leds off.
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