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  • Dear Author,

    I have translated this soft to a Chinese Version without your permisson, hope my translation help many Chinese to use the power tool.

    Please visit: http://www.189online.com/viewthread.php?tid=91527

    Still I found the problems, these are:

    1) Auto Start works, but Start Hidden still not work.
    2) Some people wanted a event of Close Connections, can this event be added?
    3) I am not sure If I changed the keywords in the config file "mmagic.txt" to another words if I had changed the keywords in the "mobilemagic.exe" file? Because I would like to make a full Chinese version.
    4) With Auto Start, the G-sensor returns wrong status, even the width of the screen is wrong. But starting after system loaded, all sensors status are OK, still another bug?
    5) Can more G-actions to be added, such as shake in different direction?
    163 posts and a tool like MobileMagic v0.9.8.18819 and no friends yet? That isn't right :) Do you do any freelancing?

    ~Bill Shadish
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