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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][mermaid][10] LineageOS 17.1

    Lineage is running stable with semc addons, Gapps, tai chi, and root with magisk 20.3. fastboot boot boot.img and reboot to recovery ramdisk worked best. After failing to successfully root flashing magisk.zip, I got a boot image from a twrp backup. I renamed boot.emmc.win to boot.img and...
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    Post [ROM][9.0_r46][mermaid] SonyAOSP

    I flashed and was able to boot up ok. Initially the phone would only boot up to a blank screen. You could see the volume change when hit vol+ or vol-, the background would remain black. Pulling the SD card and Sim out cause a reboot automatically that seemed to resolve this. The connection to...
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    Post GRUB2 for lumias

    Now to make a kali phone, this is good