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    Post Paranoid Android Ruby 1 Dev - POCO X3/X3 NFC [CAF][OSS]

    Same question. Jumped the gun and was happy when i read the Paranoid Android name, than saw it has Google services included :P.
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    Post [KERNEL][SURYA] StormBreaker-x2

    Arrow OS vanilla is not good for privacy ?
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] ColtOS 7.4 [kenzo/kate] [11] [OTA] [Enforcing] [Mar-30-2022]

    Does this rom have signature spoofing for microG or are the Google Play services 100% needed to run it ?
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    Thread VoLTE

    I'm reading the VoLTE websites for my carriers, and all carriers state that you have to have a certified phone (Poco X3 is ofc missing). The only Xiaomi phone on the list is Note 10 lite. From what I gather the phone must also run the carrier OS, and the carrier puts a patch in their updates...
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    I still have the problem with the default Phone app, anyone else ? If someone calls while the phone display is off the display turns on but there is just black screen and the pull down status bar. No caller, nothing, I have to drop down the status bar, click on the call notification, enter my...
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    I prefer using USB - Buying an usb c male to usb A female and connecting a flash drive with roms, magisks, whatever. Before Poco 3 even used it to make nandroid backups on it directly. This I assume still works with the A11 TWRP since the USB drive isn't encrypted?
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Is it normal for files on the phone to be encrypted in the "latest TWRP by brigudav" ? I installed the Android 11 Arrow without problems it's just that in TWRP the files are gibberish (if i ever need them ...).
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Found a workaround for this problem too: Installed a third party Dialer app from f-droid (Simple dialer) and it works fine. The bug must be in the Dialer app that is in the rom.
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Same with 9.3.21 build anyone else with this or is this happening only to me ? Nevermind, created a github account and reported it anyway :D.
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Can you please PM me the location of your build please. Look at your signature :P. The MIUI camera though seems faster to me - opening the app, taking a photo, etc. everything seems to happen faster with MIUI camera. At least to me.
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    After updating to 07.03.21 every time i get a call i only see the status bar. Where the caller info should be there is only an empty screen. Need to anwser/decline a call from the notification.
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Same here with the 07/03/21 build. Did you resolve it, and how ? Flashing the zip again from recovery and deleting the caches did nothing as well. SOLUTION: After uninstalling MAGISK the phone booted into the OS. UPDATE: It is the cusom ANX Camera modules - i added them back, and the same thing...
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Does anyone else have aproblem with files from an USB drive ? I connect the USB drive and a lot of files show 0b, when on the computer they work and open fine ...
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    Post Tempered glass

    Today i got the ceramic screen protector - same problem as nillkin, it is about 1mm too narrow - the black edges cover the actual screen. Why do these damn screen protectos have to have these black edges if they are going to be to narrow ?