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    Post Pixalated Feed on Instagram

    Unfortunatly Not. Nobody seemed to have a solution for this.
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    Thread Pixalated Feed on Instagram

    Hello All, I am facing weird issue on my Instagram app. The stories/ videos on my Instagram feed are pixalated. Pls find the attached photo here. I am facing this issue on almost every Rom I tried. Anybody pls help me resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance
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    Post PixysOS v4.0.5 [OFFICIAL] [R] Android 11.0 for zuk z2 plus

    Thanks for your quick response mate. Yes. I am facing this issue in every ROM. In the stock ROM it works fine. Anyways, I have already reported this issue to Instagram . I haven't heard back from them yet. Will let you know if I get the solution.
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    Post TWS Bluetooth Earphones ISSUE

    Hey there..I am facing the similar issue. Did you solve it?
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    Post PixysOS v4.0.5 [OFFICIAL] [R] Android 11.0 for zuk z2 plus

    Please update us if you are able to find the solution.I am facing the same problem on all other ROMs except stock rom. I am currently using PE pie and facing the same issue.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][TREBLE] SuperiorOS Phoenix [Z2 PLUS]

    The RAM is smooth and performing well. I am facing issue in disabling the SIMs . I have two Jio Sim. I have to turn off the one to get the other one working. Sometimes when I press the Power Button, it turns on the Camera. I am getting Pixelated or blurry videos on my Instagram Feed...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [Ten] Lineage 17.1

    I reported the issue successfully but did not hear from them yet. Its issue associated with the app for sure. Coz I tried switching with the different ROMs but it didn't work. When I use instagram lite on the same ROM it works fine.
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    Post [OFFICIAL] [Ten] Lineage 17.1

    Did you get any response? I am facing similar issue in AOSiP Pie Build.
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    Post [May 28] [Pie-Stock-Rom-ZUI-Z2-Plus-10.8.343-DEV] [Gapps Preinstalled]

    Can you please update the link. The file does not exist.
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    Post [ROM] [Z2 Plus] ZUI 3.5.389 / 3.7.033 ST [OREO] [QPST+TWRP]

    Can anyone send me the link to download deodexed zui 3.5 / 4.0 ? no link is working.