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    Post Anybody want NEW custom rom for OnePlus 6 ??

    Miui 10 global patch ROM Please
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    Post [ROM][PORT][10.0.0] OnePlus7 Open Beta 12 V3 Port for OnePlus 6 [23.04.20][EOL]

    Is it necessary to unlock bootloader to flash this ROM or I can flash it on locked bootloader?
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    Post [TOOL] MsmDownloadTool V4.0 International (Oxygen OS 5.1.5)

    Hey I'm using current android pie oxygen os 9.0 stable update but I want go back to the stock version which is shipped with the phone. Can I use this tool for fully downgrade the phone from 9.0 to 5.1.5
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    Post [ROM][UNLOCK]CARBON Xperia UI Z2 2.3.1[BASED ON CARBON-CR-5.1]

    Hey dear the script is not working anymore but You can try this new Guide 1.----> First insall Google chrome in your windows pc and add this extension in chrome (Baidu-dl). 2----> Now open this github...
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    Post Flyme Os 7 Nougat xperia Z2

    Flyme OS 7 [M-ROM][7.1][beta]Z2_Flyme7.8.4.22R Don't worry bro here is the link: Link Password:- 56mj If you like hit thanks button!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1]CypherOS 5.3.1 Cinnabun [Sirius]

    One more bug : Volume control is not working during call Volume decreasing and increasing not working
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    Post [ROM][BETA][8.1.0] CarbonROM cr-6.1 For Xperia Z2 [sirius]

    Hello roker00 How you make navigation bar and status bar in full flat style Please tell me which mod you use
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    Post [ROM][UNLOCK]CARBON Xperia UI Z2 2.3.1[BASED ON CARBON-CR-5.1]

    Hey I have the account at their, but we can't send the directly PM to the rom developer due to some coin or credit system on their forum I try to send the message but its not allowing me due to lack of coins. here is the error - 抱歉,发短消息 G币-2,本操作后您的G币将不足 0 English - Sorry, send...
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    Post [ROM][UNLOCK]CARBON Xperia UI Z2 2.3.1[BASED ON CARBON-CR-5.1]

    Sorry Guys for Delayed Here is The Link - Password - 7wp1 Version - Carbon Xperia UI V2.5 To Direct download from baidu use following steps 1. Open your chrome browser and add extension called Tempermonkey 2. After adding that go to tempermonkey dashboard and...
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    Post [PORT] [STOCK SONY CAMERA] [3.4] for Nougat ROMs

    I am also facing same issue after flashing this mod i found that sony smartband force close and its working very well before flashing the mod so i thing somethis is wrong with this mod
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    Hello jerrefson I want to hide my root because some UPI payment apps not working with root . I try magisk but it is not working because of root already present in miui security app so please provide a solution.
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    Post [ROM][Alpha][8.1.0] Lineage OS for Xperia Z2 (Sirius)

    don't ask such questions again. when it will fixed developer will inform one more thing this thread is for resolving issue regarding the installation and bug reporting, so don't use it as your private chat.....
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    Post MIUI V8 XPERIA Z2 UB GLOBAL 7.9.7 By JeffSoares

    or may be its not working in d6502 which i have