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    Post Development [ROM][12.0] crDroid 8 [OFFICIAL][MIUI Cam included]

    Awesome.... Reserved for review/opinion
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 11][SWEET/SWEETIN] crDroid v7.13 [OFFICIAL][OSS][25.12.2021]

    I have been using crdroid for nearly a month and right now also on latest build with flame gapps. I never ever faced 0 bytes issue. Maybe something wrong with your camera app or gallery or any other thing. Cheers!
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    Post Development [ROM][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS [Android 12][sweet]

    For now, no recovery can decrypt data. Cheers!
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    Post Development [ROM][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS [Android 12][sweet]

    ArrowOS for this device is OSS based. Vendor is already included in the ROM, so there is no need to flash any vendor. But if you want to switch from ArrowOS to any other ROM with stock vendor, you need to flash stock vendor separately for that ROM to boot. Cheers!
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    Post Question Best way to move app with data to new phone?

    After using Titanium Backup for many years, I recently started using Migrate and I still use it because I found that with Android 11, TB had some issues. Is there any issues you found with Migrate and I why you want to try other app? Cheers!
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 11][SWEET/SWEETIN] crDroid v7.13 [OFFICIAL][OSS][25.12.2021]

    Crd 7.11 build is just out...Grab it Cheers!
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [11] [OFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    Super Partition or something is damaged. You need to flash stock or any other MIUI ROM which has fix for not damaging partition. Cheers!
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    Post Development [ROM][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS [Android 12][sweet]

    There you go! Cheers!
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    Post Development [ROM][12.0][sweet] AOSP 12.0

    Nice to see so early updates/new builds based on A12... Cheers!
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Gcam Discussion Thread

    How to use Lib?
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    Post Development [ROM][MIUI 21.12.8] EliteRom Port-A11 for Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max

    Not only stock camera app, everything works fine too. Cheers!
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Dolby Atmos

    Try the latest one. If not working, try 4.1. Cheers!
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    Post Question Best Sound quality in custom rom

    Your query itself is vague. What sound quality you talking about and how is it different? You can always install sound mods if you want btw. Cheers!
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    Post Question Redmi Note 10 Pro Android 11 system downgraded to Android 10 system, and Taiwan ROM that can be used, thank you!

    If you are talking about the device called sweet, then it came with Android 11 and so I don't think it can be downgraded to Android 10 and even if you try to do it, you may end up with bootloops or bricked device. Not sure if anyone is successful in installing Android 10 on a device that came...