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Recent content by zantekk

  1. zantekk

    Post [ROM] Huawei P9 Plus Stock + BETA firmware of all models (will be updated every time)

    Same here. Choose Huawei because people said they have fast updates.. yeah.. not really. EMUI is not so great too. No updates for nearly 5 months now. I would have better bought a pixel or old Nexus device -.-
  2. zantekk

    Post Huawei P9 & P9 Plus Firmware Updater 2.0 beta [Back to Stock, Unbrick & Update]

    Just wanted to say that it worked really well! Upgraded my VIE-L09 to B170 :)
  3. zantekk

    Thread I'm willing to buy one...

    Hey guys, soon I will get a new phone from my contract and did very intense researches which one to get. I'm still struggeling to make a choice because I read so many different things. My choices with Pros and Cons from what I heared/read: 1. HTC 10 (my favourite for now): + Brilliant...
  4. zantekk

    Post Paranoid Android Discussion Thread

    Everything worls fine! Only "Designs" is fc'ing more me everytime I try to open it :( /edit okay, cache clearing for Design-Provider did it for me ;)
  5. zantekk

    Post [Official][INCREMENTAL] COS 13.0 ZNH0EAS260M

    Just NO pls! This is CyanogenOS not CyanogenMod! This update is and incremental one which means u need to be on the last COS version in order to flash this. Additionally you need the stock recovery. Never ever try to flash this incremental update file over CM or RR or whatever. Apart of this...
  6. zantekk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r68][Official][Nightly]Exodus Android 6 for Bacon

    Just tested it and it works absolutely fine. Thank you very much!
  7. zantekk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r68][Official][Nightly]Exodus Android 6 for Bacon

    Really great and stable ROM! Does anyone gets the problem that when you do a call via speaker the other person hears an echo of itself? Don't have this when using cm13. Using firmware which comes with the ROM. Really annoying :(
  8. zantekk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] CyanogenMod 13.0 Builds [6.0.1_r74][2016/12/5][Linux+CAF+Google+CM]

    Go to Settings -> Google -> Location -> Location-History -> Turn the Switch off Fixed it for me :)
  9. zantekk

    Post [ROM] [NIGHTLY] AICP - 11.0 - M 6.0.1_r3 bacon

    One of the best ROMs for the One out there. Stable, fast and couldn't find any problems till now. I had AICP on all my devices now started from the DesireHD and I still love it :)
  10. zantekk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][12/19][OMNI] SlimSaber - find7op (aka bacon)

    1. I used TWRP 2. I wiped /system, /data, and cache 3. I queued the zips like: firmware, rom, slim-gapps-zero, supersu 4. Flash, reboot, done.
  11. zantekk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1][12/19][OMNI] SlimSaber - find7op (aka bacon)

    Best ROM ever used. No problems so far using 15/5 firmware. I use AK Kernel and get a standby-drain of ~8mA which is just awesome! Grüße aus Köln ;)
  12. zantekk

    Post [ROM][BACON] Mystery-OS-V5.0[ColorOs][4.4.2/5.0.2]

    MEGA mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!khIWBAYQ!vSOf52jaDcZwvO0OvS_0jj517HIC1yBC4pORt1BdQVY
  13. zantekk

    Post [ROM][BACON] Mystery-OS-V5.0[ColorOs][4.4.2/5.0.2]

    I'm just uploading it to MEGA. Will post when ready (~20-30mins)
  14. zantekk

    Post [ROM][BACON] Mystery-OS-V5.0[ColorOs][4.4.2/5.0.2]

    Mostly not, no. It's a mixed up chaos from what I read. Just treat it as Kitkat.