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    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS 10.0.1 (Android Q 10.0) OTA for OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger)

    I am on three and VOLTE doesnt seem to work. I got VOLTE enabler module installed via magisk but still get no icons when making calls either on wifi or data.
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    Post ❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

    Brainlab Are server logs created and retained? If so there is a risk that these can be stolen, misused, or even that authorities can compell you to release these. Not creating logs also indemnifies you from being charged with knowingly aiding illegal activities (because without logs you cant know)
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    Post LineageOS for microG

    Simon94 Great work. Been using this on my Oneplus 5. Is it possible for a build on ODROID XU4?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.1_r13] Android Open Source Project | NOF26W [20/02/17]

    Great Rom, but I flashed the rom with data and cache formatted to f2fs and system as ext4. However when booted the cache partition is ext4? Anyone else?
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    Post [EXPERIMENTAL][AOSP][NRD90U] Unofficial Android 7.0 Nougat build

    Working fine with f2fs data and cache partitions. Great battery life.
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    Post [DISCUSSION][WIP][ROM][6.0] CyanogenMOD 13 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Works like a charm. Thanks. I didnt know it was required.:good:
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    Post [DISCUSSION][WIP][ROM][6.0] CyanogenMOD 13 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Nope. still not working for me. Just to make sure I did a complete rebuild from source. What are you building on? Im on Ubuntu.
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    Post [DISCUSSION][WIP][ROM][6.0] CyanogenMOD 13 [UNOFFICIAL]

    me too. Data is working perfectly with nightlies, but not built versions from github. The only pick I have included is 113774 which is the java fix for ubuntu. I guess there is something not up to date on github.:confused:
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    Post [DISCUSSION][WIP][ROM][6.0] CyanogenMOD 13 [UNOFFICIAL]

    I just built with these, and also the supersu change but still have the same old data problems. :crying:
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Zaphods CyanogenMOD 13.0 11/12/15 UBER 4.9/5.2

    Hi, Are you building on Ubuntu? If so have you probably need to pick 113774 else the build will fail due to using Java 7 on Ubuntu. The pick enables that. I think thats should solve the problem. Use repopick 113774
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Zaphods CyanogenMOD 13.0 11/12/15 UBER 4.9/5.2

    15/11/15 build has fixed the startup reboot.
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    Post [DEV] sdat2img 1.1 - img2sdat 1.7 ◦ Unpack/re-pack android DAT files

    :rolleyes: Working fine for my CM13 build. Thanks so much. :good:
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    Post [DEV] sdat2img 1.1 - img2sdat 1.7 ◦ Unpack/re-pack android DAT files

    I'll try it for OPO cm13 and report back. I tried to edit the file previously but it didnt want to play. However it wasnt exactly as you have suggested above so Ill give it a shot.