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  • Thank you Zcink for your post of the cab file for audio streaming to a bluetooth earpiece. I did have a little question though. I've downloaded the file onto my computer and then copied it onto my phone. (I have a Samsung Highlight). But I'm haven't been able to "turn on the software" as you put it. When I try opening the file the phone just tells me that it's an unsuported file type. What would you do in this situation?
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise.
    ..hello! i was wondering is there a .cab or zip to get the my faves program back after flashing a custom rom
    hi i was wondering if u send a link where i can get ringtones for the sms..like " you got message" there was also one that said "good morning time to get up"....thanks so much
    I am new here, can you please help me to update my HTC P4350 to Windows 6.1 and how can I do it ./ Is it possible allthough
    I am trying to run the pagepool cab and I am having some difficulty.EnableRapi.cab executes like any other cab but when I try to run 6mb pool.bat I get an error message that says, 'File association is not available for '6mb pool.bat'. I know you posted simple instructions but the .bat file says that it is not associated with any program. Should i be running this from the device instead of the storage card? If you can e-mail me at [email protected] with detailed instructions or I can call you and you can walk me through it.
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