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  • Hi Zeeshee,

    I flashed your ROM this morning, excellent work, havnt had such a fast ROM until now. I want to ask you a favour, the Java midlet your running on your ROM, is it possible that you can maybe give me the install file.

    I have a thread running trying to get Mxit working fullscreen, and so far your ROM is the only one that could do it. The only problem i had with you ROM is that the Blue Arrrow button is not mapped as a backspace when typing messages in Mxit, when I press it, it closes the Java app. So i went back to my original ROM until I can get all my problems solved.

    Could you help me out please...?! I would really appreciate your help.



    can you tell me what is the latest version of dr.gonzos WM6.1 forspv e650 vox??? is the v 1.1???
    and is there in the future a chance for german????? i have an unlocked fro swisscom or any carriers

    anthony bye
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