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  • hehe, I see that one alright! I've completed all my exams, it went very well. So now it is summer vacation for all my money! Just enjoying myself and try to write some in VB, have plans to maybe cook up one more room before I move over to HD or something else :)
    @raiisak, yep still have the kaiser, the cooking project...hmm....made one but not to my expectations, then school and work came up, then got a dream :p
    I will only tell you what people scream in concerts, and everywhere to a Singer named " Isabel Pantoja", they scream in Spanish "Guapa".
    Besides that, seeing that you have your own pic (not hidding) as an avatar you deserve to be requested as a friend, that lets alot of good things to think about you.
    Take care.
    PS. Ohh yes PM your IM info so I can add you.
    That because there aren't too many girls who have a picture of themselves for an avatar, let alone one that's intelligent.
    hi how you doing?
    im martijn.. i added you as a buddy if that okay with you?
    i would like to ask for your email adress so we can be msn friends if you would like to
    regards martijn
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