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    Thanks! Long-term, yes, I would like to expand it to other countries. However, right now the data provider's coverage in other countries is spotty at best, so for the preservation of the user experience I currently have it limited to just the U.S. They are expanding the data, and as the...
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    Update published Version 1.0.1 that supports additional devices (including the Nexus 7) has been published.
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    Nexus 7 (and other tablets) Thanks for taking a look! The Nexus 7 (and other tablets) will be supported shortly in an upcoming release.
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    I am writing to introduce our new android application, FeedMe: Hungry? Upgrade your restaurant search experience. Don’t look to only one source for information when now you can search them all at once! FeedMe is powered by, the only restaurant data provider to include over 1.2...