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  • Salut Zepiii!

    Oui je connais htc-dev, j'y ai un compte depuis quelques temps déjà, mais j'avoue passer plus de temps sur xda ces derniers temps.
    Mon ex cuistot favori est passé sur un N1, donc il m'a fallu trouver un autre cuistot qui me convienne (netdrg un temps, je suis repassé sur Artemis depuis peu).

    Enfin bon, tu as raison, faut que je passe plus souvent sur htc-dev... ;)

    A bientôt!
    Hi Zepiii

    I would like to express my appritiation for the effort you put to make MSH3.5 usable for the comunity . I want to share in this goal , so its my pleature to join SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 - Updating Group .

    I was wondering about the Sense Theme. I installed it but am having problems when trying to install other widgets, Such as MS301 WidgetsProPlusUltimate. There are widgets (Mainly Pro widgets) that I would like to install/use with the Sense theme. In the Sense theme I cannot find voicemail or the carousel or tiles it also does not seem to have a widget that will display next alarm. Any help/advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!
    wondering if you could answer my question.. I have a htc touch pro...its a cdma sprint phone flashed to metro with a mighty rom. i was wondering because im a newbie would the games that you have listed be able to work on my phone.. and another thing is my phone vga or wvga?
    I may not have won the final, but I've got the team I want... The HD is a nice looking device, but everyone wants far more than I can spend on it... And I wont give up the collection I have to get one. Course, if you're interested in just *cough* giving *cough* me one, I'd never be so stupid to refuse...
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