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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V4.6 [OMS/DUI][P1/P1TURBO]

    Fast charging not working Working like charm! Only one issue but big one, fast charging is not working. Only slow charging is avalaible.. before around one hour to full charge now around 16 hours with same charger and same cable (lenovo) Something else: Before, when the phone is turned off...
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    Thread UMS - USB Mass Storage mode CM 13

    Hello, I want to activate Usb Mass Storage Mode in my Galaxy S5 , running on CM13. I have try lot of app to activate UMS , but went i plug the phone to the PC , the storage is mounted as CD/DVD player, not like USB stick. Help will be very appreciate. Thank's
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    Post [ROM][12/21/13][4.4.2] BeanStalk 4.4.200 + W03Tweaks v2.14 *The Fine-Tuned AOSP*

    W03Tweaks v2.05 - installation error Hello, I can install the v2.05 => Error status 7 Zip verified and it is ok. Br,
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    Post Stock 4.3 TW for 7105 LTE available

    Kernel Hi, Anyone test this kernel for the 4.3 :
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    Post look for Razr I Down

    He fell, face on the ground a 1m high. the screen is completely destroyed, mile tracks ... I don't know need just the screen. But Replacement LCD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer for HTC ONE X is arroud 40 euros on Ebay so for RAZR I, i can pay arround this price? To disassemble the screen...
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    Thread look for Razr I Down

    Hello, I have destroyed the screen of my Razr I: crying: I am looking for someone with a Razr I down with a functional screen to buy her phone and retrieve the screen. Contact me by message on the forum. A +
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    Post [DEVS only] Unpacking RAZR i boot images

    Make boot.img Hi, I can't manage to make the boot.img with my compiled kernel for Razr I. Anyone can make the boot.img for me please :victory: Thank you
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    Post Jelly Bean coming VERY soon?

    Hi, I have build AOSP 4.2 arch x86 from google source, i will post it soon but I need some help to merge motorola driver to this AOSP ++
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    Post ***[OFFICIAL] JellyBean 4.1 Discussion thread [XWLSW]***

    [ Fight Status: Xplod / Yamaha Audio Chip ] => Xplod 1 - mc1n2 0 -- Guillaume (@xplodwild) => good news!!!!
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    Thread 11W45 with "SEMC SIMLOCK CERTIFICATE" unlockable?

    Hello all, sorry if this question has already been asked, I did not find it. I have 8 SE X8 with written behind the battery 11W45. All phones are factory sim unlocked. I try to identify my phone with S1tool, here result : Welcome to S1 tool. TO CONNECT NEXT PHONES X10 Xperia,E10 Xperia...
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    Thread Go exchange your O3D to Galaxy SII

    Hi, I was attracted by the features of O3D, I bought it and trust the date provided by LG for upgrade. Unfortunately, with the dates announced by LG for ICS (September 2012 at best) is the straw that broke the camel! I even tried my own builds upon the rom without success, as LG provided...
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    Post CM7 Nightlies are out!

    Very nice rom, nice to have clean and fast rom without LG stuff but the back to Thiaiz Rom because it is inusable as daily use : Phone sometime crash when call come : don't stop ringing... Sometime you cannot receive and me call: call terminate directly... Yesterday I have very good battery...
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    Post Almost CyanogenMod - CM7-SelfKANG1 for Optimus3D

    New selfkang 3 is release . Good work Ricardo! How to donate ? Sent from my LG-P920 using XDA App
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    Post [Leaked Official] V20d or v18A - Gingerbread For Optimus 3D

    I send message via twitter to Koushik Dutta (@clockworkmod) for possibility to add backup/restore radio img feature for p920. I hope he can add it.
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    Post Almost CyanogenMod - CM7-SelfKANG1 for Optimus3D

    Armcee can you use some drivers from the GB leaked rom to improve your CM7 porting? Sent from my LG-P920 using XDA App