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  1. zmag

    Post Say hello to LADB, a local ADB shell without needing root or a computer!

    Thank you for your help. I am still having trouble getting LADB to accept the port and 6 digit code - but I am at least able to _see_ them. For example: I can get that part to show, but the only way for me to switch to LADB from this screen is to press the Recent Apps button (box on the...
  2. zmag

    Post Say hello to LADB, a local ADB shell without needing root or a computer!

    I am using a Motorola G Stylus (2020) on Android 11 (not rooted) - I have Wireless Debugging enabled under Settings - System - Advanced - Developer options My problem is nowhere can I find the port or pairing code. Nothing appears when I enable/disable the Wireless Debugging toggle, and there...
  3. zmag

    Post [Magisk][Samsung][Discussion] Thread about Samsung Device Compatibility

    I currently have a SM-G900P rooted via towelroot, Stock rom/kernel Android 4.4.2 I'm interested in using Magisk on my phone as I am going to finally upgrade to Android 6 or 7, but when I go to the Play Store it says the Magisk Manager is incompatible with my device... Has anyone else tested...
  4. zmag

    Post Xposed 2.7 experimental version feedback

    That was alluding to my question, is there ANY way to update the Xposed bridge to v82 on Xposed Installer v2.7? I am still running KitKat 4.4, and I don't want to install a new rom just for Xposed... I know its doubtful that rovo89 himself will work on a new release for Xposed Installer 2.7...
  5. zmag

    Post [XPOSED][4.2.x - 6.x.x] PerfectColorBar [UPDATED 16/2/9 ver. 1.4.1]

    Cool, thanks for finally making a KK version! FlatStyleColorBars has been working fine for me this whole time, but lacks any option to edit/customize the toast popups. I'm rebooting my phone now to give it a whirl! Let you know if I run into any problems on my device! - zmag (Android 4.4.2 -...
  6. zmag

    Post [XPOSED][4.2.x - 6.x.x] PerfectColorBar [UPDATED 16/2/9 ver. 1.4.1]

    dev: Any chance for a KitKat version? A few other users have requested this, and at the moment the only other option is for us to use Flat Style Colored Bars (which for me has been ok, haven't had any lag/flickering/etc. problems with it) BUT, Flat Style Colored Bars is only the status bar...
  7. zmag

    Post Adapted to Android 7.0, Super Touch 6.6, Speed up screen response. SUPER SMOOTH on...

    Network error I can't use anything above 290, I get a network error every time. My connection is perfectly fine though. What url is the app trying to connect to? Maybe my hosts file has the address blocked from access? Also, it seems very counter-productive to make network access a...
  8. zmag

    Post [Xposed] MinMinGuard v2.0.2

    I am having an issue with my SM-G900P (Sprint Galaxy S5 on Android 4.4) I am not seeing ANY ads in the red text that should be showing up in the app list. Pretty much rendering this app completely useless :( Used to work fine on my HTC Evo 4G LTE Please fix!
  9. zmag

    Post Odd text messages from 9355

    I too am interested in what the URL contains. Anyone know of a way to decrypt the SMS message in resolving the URL? Here is the message I received: //WAP-3050:142716562:6bc21627:4a774:::1:NjcrNDhYOjorUz4zOUA4NDMtQjtYMDs0/omadl/DownloadDescriptor/content/743070258...
  10. zmag

    Post Odd text messages from 9355

    Received from 9355 on Mar 23 @ 10:53 PM - I have the same exact setup as Foley76 (Galaxy S5 rooted, using a different SMS app than stock) I dont think its anything to worry about, I am using Ting (Sprint network, pay as you go) - Prolly just my carrier trying to push an update. I dont like...
  11. zmag

    Post [Xposed][2.3+] NetworkSpeedIndicator v1.0 b2

    Hey XDA, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing wrong displays (i.e. Ookla Speed Test) - Meaning, Ookla will show 50mb down, but Network Speed Indicator shows 3.5 MB (obviously an incorrect value...) Has anyone figured out the correct settings I can use? i.e. What's the best settings...
  12. zmag

    Post [Q] S-Health no longer works. Tried several things. How to fix?

    Ah lol, glad I could point you in the right direction at least! Sorry Wanam Xposed didn't fix it, but at least Xsecure Storage did! That was all you my friend! Cheers!
  13. zmag

    Post [Q] S-Health no longer works. Tried several things. How to fix?

    Search for "Wanam Xposed" and install it in Xposed mod - I think it has an option to enable the "private" (or secure folder) I forget which affects S-health... IMPORTANT!!!: Make sure you backup your feature.xml file (in the system/csc folder) - When you change anything in Wanam Xposed mod, it...
  14. zmag

    Thread [Q] Need help converting .ogg to .wav and replacing sound in Swiftkey Beta

    Hey XDA, I need help replacing the Swiftkey Beta keypress sounds with my stock S5 keyboard .ogg files. But Swiftkey uses .wav files, and I tried to convert them via an online conversion website, and the .wav files play on my phone & pc, but when I replaced them in the .apk it causes a...
  15. zmag

    Post [APP][ROOT/NONROOT][OFFICIAL] AdAway v5.8.0

    To anyone regarding YouTube ads: If you use Xposed, search for "YouTube AdAway" - then you can use the latest version of YouTube and not have to downgrade to theo0so's modded version. Been using it for so long I forgot to post it earlier. Lemme know how it works for you. - zmag ---...