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  • umm... I am not sure about how to do it on a tilt, but for a Fuze/Touch Pro you have to enter bootloader to check hard spl version. If you search for bootloader on the tilt forum, I am sure there will be a few telling you how to enter bootloader.
    thanks alot for ur post iam an up and comming programmer who made some games using game editor software and u come and fuc,k it up by talking about viruses while iam giving away games....thats ok i just talk to administrator and have the whole forum deleted and ask him to block u from posting on my pages which means u wont be able to access or download any games that i post and there be alot in the future thanks alot and if u want go on google type ....krenisis game...so u can see who i am thanks for making my job tougher
    Ya, you definitely need to go to the TAEL ROM thread and download the latest version to flash to it.

    Once you flashed the hard spl, you never need to flash hard spl again.
    Just download the ROM and flash it.

    Hope that helps.
    Yup, once you flash hard spl, you don't need to do it again.
    To play videos on your pc, you have to plug in your usb cable to your phone and the pc.
    Depending on where the files were saved, you should select either Activesync or Disk drive on your phone (there should be a prompt on your phone as soon as you plug your phone in to your pc).
    If your files are saved in your storage card, then I would suggest Disk Drive.
    Otherwise, sync your phone through Activesync and look in My Documents.
    Once you find your file, just copy it over to your pc and play it.

    If you have any issues playing the videos, just download and install VLC media player.
    That should do it.
    The TAEL ROM is excellent. I have been flashing ROM's to my device since early March of this year and nothing has happened to my hardware. Basically, these 6.5 ROM's are beta so there will software bugs, but that is the point, to try new interface and report back the bugs till we get something we like.
    So, to cut the long story short, no nothing bad will happen to your hardware if you flash. The battery life varies between ROM's, I would suggest reading up on flashing RADIO's as the RADIO of your device determines a better battery life.

    Good Luck.

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask, I will be happy to help.
    yeap, it's the lite version. You can change the RSS url on the settings window, going to the widget and taping on it to open the configuration panel. Look for the RSS item and tap on the right of the item to get an editable textbox where you can input the RSS url.
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