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    Post [Q] Help, Stock Flash Corrupt, cant reflash with kies

    Thanks :D ended up finding a similar download, and was able to get it restored after flashing and wiping data/cache so it would stop bootlooping. Thanks for all your help!
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    Post [Q] Help, Stock Flash Corrupt, cant reflash with kies

    Oh wow sorry my mistake, didn't even realize it had it in such tiny font on the bottom. Yeah it's GT-P3113TS. I'd seen P3110 in the about tablet before I'd borked it, but makes sense with the devs making the roms work on the P3113. Gonna try seeing if I can find the correct firmware download now xD
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    Post [Q] Help, Stock Flash Corrupt, cant reflash with kies

    Hey there, I'm not OP but I'm also having some issues and trying to flash the original firmware to get back to stock. I've got the GT-P3110 in US. Been looking around for the firmware but any links I've been finding to stock were dead links, or the flash failed in Odin
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    Post What rom are YOu using?

    I've got the US 4.0 running ParanoidAndroid v1.6 beta1.1, pretty smooth for me so far, really liking having the notification bar and on-screen buttons at the bottom
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    Post [App Mod HDPI/MDPI] Demotivators Protips Widget Mod [04.08.2011]

    funny app great way to replace that horrible Protips app lol. I just used Root Explorer, and went to the System/Apps folder. Just rename Protips.apk to Protips.bak (so you still have it) then just move the Demotivational app to System/Apps and rename it to Protips.apk. Then I just rebooted my...
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    Post [Bootscreen] Halo Reach Android Edition (Finally)

    bootanimation I've noticed it too on my Droid X. whenever I put any kind of custom bootanimation into my data/local folder and do a reboot, the bootanimation cycles through extremely fast. Not sure if there's any kind of fix for that, or if anyone knows? Any kind of insight is greatly...