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    Post Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

    Just updated from 2021/7/23 to 2021/7/31 by dirty flash(flash and wipe cache only). Everything work except lsposed, flash again with magisk and it work again.
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    Post [GUIDE][UNOFFICIAL METHOD] Unlock Bootloader Without Asus Unlock App [*ROOT*]

    Help me, i'm using zb551kl snap400. Step 1 and "echo -ne "\x01" | dd obs=1 count=1 seek=16 of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/devinfo" work but the bootloader still locked. I tried fastboot oem adb_enable but it freeze and do nothing so i cant next step.
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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    I have success again with flashfire 0.57. It seems like the problem is supersu 2.82. Flashfire 0.57 using su 2.79 SR3 so the root is keeped.
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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    No this "laggy" can't fixed by factory reset :v My camera has some problem and the update fix it, and device performance is increased in newer firmware too. Maybe i should flash with older firmware (My current is the oldest)
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    Post [Android 4.2+][ROOT][2017.09.21] FlashFire v0.73

    Help me i can't preserve root when flash newer version firmware to update. I success one but now i can't do it again. when i open supersu it said su binary occupied.( My bootloader is locked so i can't flash su zip and old firmware is laggy =((( )
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    Post [ICS][P] Forced Screen Rotation Mod 1.6.1

    You should add black list mode or locked mode in override mode: normal :) I just want to use it in VLC and other video player. I set the Normal orientation to locked, auto orientation to original and using gravity box set double click recent key to toggle auto-orientation. When I watch video, i...
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    Post [ROOT ANDROID][2.x-6.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices

    Did kingroot can root ASUS ZB551KL newest firmware yet? If not when i flash newest firmware with flashfire can the root stay?? Thanks for your help :) (My device don't have custom recovery)