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Top 7 mobile app development trends of 2018

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By artemanoda, Junior Member on 19th January 2018, 03:24 PM
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Based on the apps which mobile users are actively using, the 2018 trends in mobile app development can be determined. The patterns of app use and the popularity of the latest technology help in these predictions.

We are in the beginning of 2018. This is the time of year when iOS and Android developers review the analytical data of mobile app development to see what has gotten popular over the last 12 months. That way, they can see where the next app development trends in the app industry are likely going to be in 2018. If you want to understand what mobile app developers are going to be up to next year, you must first understand how dependent people currently are on their apps.

Think about what you do throughout each day, from when you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. Do you go on your favorite messenger app first thing in the morning? Perhaps you check your Facebook profile and other social media accounts through apps on your phone. You may later listen to your favorite music app on the way to work and then binge watch movies on Netflix at night. Each one of these actions represents an app you are using.

Furthermore, there are technologies trending which are being combined with these applications to create something totally revolutionary. How far are these mobile app development trends going to go in 2018? We at ANODA mobile development agency

Most of the popular mobile applications of today already have AI technology in them somewhere. Audiences love it when an app is intelligent enough to adapt to their input. But as AI continues to get more advanced in many other industries, it may very well put more people out of work because their labor will be performed by robots. One of the biggest job sectors to get hit hard over the next 10 years will be the customer service departments of companies.

Companies integrate Machine Learning and AI into their own apps because it increases their productivity and it lowers their total operating expenses. Not only has AI helped automate customer service, they’ve also made significant changes in the automobile industry as well as the healthcare industry.

Here are statistics which prove that AI apps are likely going to be the biggest 2018 trend in mobile app development.
  • According to Juniper Research, chatbots will save companies more than $8 billion per year between now and 2022. This is an increase from the $20 million that it was in 2017.
  • According to Gartner, chatbots are going to be responsible for 85% of the customer service performed by companies before 2020.
  • According to an IDC report, ¾ of all employees who are actively engaging with enterprise applications are going to get AI personal assistants to help boost their productivity and efficiency by the year 2019.
You will be seeing more developers creating mobile wallet apps with added security, due to the demand. This will allow users to conduct encrypted monetary transactions right through their mobile phone. The prediction of this trend is due to the increase in the number of internet booking systems and purchases. Apple Pay on the iOS 11 is working toward an option for peer-to-peer payment.

Tracking graphs can help you determine future trends in this area. The user adoption rate in 2016 showed a nonstop increase in the user percentage.

Storage space is often a problem for mobile phone users because they have so many applications that they want to download and use. Plus, when you use a lot of these apps, it adds even more data to your phone’s storage. All this data usage adds up quickly and then you’ll be forced to uninstall something to make up for it.

With cloud-based apps, this problem is solved because users can store their app data on a dedicated cloud server. By doing this, the storage space on their own phone is not used up. When you have multiple apps using this technology, it allows users to be able to download a lot more apps onto their phone than they could before.

After more companies integrate cloud technology into their apps, this will spark a rise in enterprise mobility. You can already see the statistics which show that cloud apps are being used more often.

Mobile traffic on cloud-based apps is expected to rise by 90% until the year 2019. The compound annual growth rate is 60%. The rise in traffic can likely be attributed to social media networking, web browsing, online gaming, audio streaming, and video streaming.

There is already augmented reality technology integrated into social media apps and gaming apps. A good example is the very popular social media platform known as Snapchat, which uses this technology. As more people use Snapchat, it creates an incentive for mobile app development companies to develop AR technology for their apps.

Another social media app which uses this technology is Instagram. However, they’re already planning to enhance their app by making it even more engaging for users. They are likely going to make it just like other apps which allow users to interact with augmented reality technology. Also, virtual reality is going to be very popular as wearable apps become a more common thing.

In 2014, augmented reality was first starting to become popular. Ever since then, it has quickly found its way to the mobile app industry and is predicted to completely transform it in 2018. According to Statista, by 2019, there will be over 5 billion AR mobile applications.

More people are using wearables than ever before. This technology first became popular within the healthcare niche because wearable apps allowed users to track their exercise routines, heartbeats, eating rituals, and so on. As these wearables become more fashionable in appearance, mobile app developers will be creating new apps for smartphones in 2018.

You will see the manufacturers of iPhones and Android smartphones creating applications for their phones which can synchronize and integrate with more wearable technology. Therefore, wearables are going to trend right along with mobile app development in the year 2018.

Here are some statistics for the wearables and smartphone markets:

Employers that encourage their employees to use wearables has increased their productivity by 8.5% and their job satisfaction by 3.5%.
In 2014, there were 29 million wearables that sold. In 2018, the number of sales is expected to go up to 172 million. That would mean there’d be roughly 350 million users around the world with wearables.
A report by Business Intelligence shows there will be a 35% increase in the wearables market by 2019.
In 2017, the IoT technologies seemed to be placed in many different industries. But that doesn’t mean it can’t continue to trend to the point where you find internet-connected devices in virtually everything. Physical retail stores have even used the internet of things concept to compete in this new age of digital technology.

There are more real estate agencies and companies using this Internet of things technology to construct smart buildings, smart parking lots, and smart cities with sensors everywhere. In the education industry, there are more schools using the IoT technology to allow parents and teachers to connect with each other, so they know what is happening at home and at school.

The healthcare industry has used the internet of things technologies in many ways. It has allowed patients to talk with doctors remotely and for doctors to operate on patients and treat them remotely.

This mobile app development trend will keep going in 2018. You will see much more powerful IoT apps for people to use. Right now, there are researchers who want to integrate the internet of things technology with automation technology. It is predicted that this integration will be a big trend in mobile app development next year.

According to Cisco, there will be 50 billion mobile devices connected to the internet around the world by the year 2020.

Faster mobile applications and websites are always going to be better. As users and search engines like Google become increasingly impatient towards these things, the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages has emerged.

AMP has already allowed mobile users to load web pages quickly. Google has also stated that they’re going to provide mobile users with a special mobile search box to search for mobile-friendly websites. If businesses optimize their own websites to be mobile-friendly, they’ll get listed in this mobile search index on Google.

AMPs have the power to load pages quickly, reduce the number of bounces, attract more traffic, raise CTRs, and increase search engine ranking. You won’t even need to use sitemaps.

With the mobile app development world seeing all these new technologies, things certainly look brighter for iOS and Android apps in the future. The year of 2018 will see a huge boom in the mobile app industry, especially with very innovative apps which will keep people hooked to their smartphones.
23rd May 2018, 02:59 PM |#2  
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App Store Optimization is one of the trends of 2018. It is some kind of process of improving the mobile apps’ visibility in an App Store. Just like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. To be specific, it includes the process of ranking apps via keyword search in an app store and pushes the app into top charts. With this method, apps will rank higher in search results and get into top charts, which will drive more installs.

Importance of ASO
Apparently, it is driving one important point here: ASO is extremely significant, because not only apps are big business, but also customers are willing to search for those apps. Some research reports that more than 63% of app customers prefer browsing in the app store to discover new apps.

Another reason why ASO is getting more important – apps can benefit from it a lot. You can optimize App via companies like KeenMobi or Mopeak.
24th September 2018, 01:14 PM |#3  
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Top 7 mobile app development trends of 2018
“Talking about trends, especially in, there is huge fluctuation and invention goes that reveal in years”
Like for an example, if I talk about a current year (2018), there is the lot of trending things you can notice while you are exploring or surfing.
A remembrance points that you all will agree on the topic of ‘mobile app development trend’...! Let seek
1. Android Instant Application
2. VR and AR mobile Apps
3. Internet Of Things
4. Invention in Mobile Payments
5. Cloud-Oriented Mobile Apps
6. Mobile App Security
Well, these are the just glimpse of impression; want to know its deep words check it here - Android Application Development Trends in 2018: What should you expect?
2nd October 2018, 10:30 AM |#4  
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I would like to add else:
1. Face detection and tracking
2. Enhanced push notifications
3rd October 2018, 09:01 AM |#5  
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Top 7 mobile app development trends of 2018
2018 is the year of innovation and development where the maximum market is rashly captured by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence (AI).
An era of beyond expectation services where most of the users bound with technologies picking with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
But to know who plays well with the question mark for all enterprises.
Thinking of who plays well with AI...I guess so.
Off course by MOBILE, where a majority of the trusted customers rely on android & iOS Operating System.
Well talking about Trends, certainly you are curious to know what iOS remain to offer in this year.
So far, we have noticed and discussed the latest trends in an Internet of Things, Mobile Application Development, and as well as wearable devices. Then, how we can overlook iOS Application Development that will remain in the limelight of 2018?

It is important to the iOS developers to constantly stay connected with the latest trends and updates to take first mover advantages.
Jump to the iOS Application Development Trends, let see what exactly game winner iOS offer in 2018.
1. More Programming with New Swift 4
Inspired by effective programming language APPLE develop Swift 4 which build on the strength of swift 3. The ultimate aim of swift 4 is to deliver great, robust, and scalable source code.
And the most effective thing to this programming language is that it will not consume more memory of a device.

2. Advancement in AI, Ok Google and Siri
As you know APPLE well played with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as with Siri too.
There is no doubt Siri brought major boost Artificial Intelligence (AI) and greatly learning what people speaking and searching for.
It salient gives answers to the important questions. Not only giving answers but it quietly offers GPS pin which helps you to get access with various services.

3. Check What’s New in Machine Language.
It is important to the app developer to connect with trending Machine Language. It helps them to add effective and updated core ML into their applications.
Do you know...?
The most effective and impressive use of ML code is used in developing games.
Thus, we can say that it raises the platform for the game-changing industry.

4. AR and ARkit
Augmented Reality (AR) and ARkit is the base platform for mobile app developers. It helps them to develop 3D and Virtual-Reality Based mobile applications.
Developing apps for AR and VR is the radix platform to earn wider success and more even to delight customers.

5. Move Faster With Apple Pay
APPLE introduces another faster pace of application known as ‘APPLE PAY’.
It is the acronym to say that – “Pay faster, Move faster”.
APPLE PAY is a user-friendly digital online payment wallet for iOS user which can pay money faster and also move faster.
It supports all iOS series of Operation system like; iPhone, iPad, iOS watches, and for Mac laptops too.

6. Innovation In Hybrid Apps
Within the passage time of technology, hybrid applications are the top and snick applications which are most demanded in the market.
It is getting wide attention and subsequent by new advanced tools of including Native Script and React Native.

Looking.... for a reliable hybrid application development company. Contact Orion infosolutions is an affluent hybrid app development company in India.

7. Upgradation In File Management
The initial release of IOS 11 comes with many packed bundles. One of the most efficient features of IOS 11 is its memory management with the proper file extension.
This helps the user to store their data online. Mean to say, it is a cloud-based application allows users to store their data online.

8. home Kit Hub
Talking about Home Kit Hub or Home is the ultimate example of innovation and creation that have been developed to solve the home automation problems.
This is probably called future technology solutions, so an app developer can leverage the success by developing applications in the future.
And for sure, this will bring solutions for home automation.

9. Changes in iPad Application
However, change in chipset process with every new development which affects the iPad app for more battery life.
Changes took place in the competitive world for survival. To survive in the market Apple regularly customizes and updates the application to get connected with customers.
17th October 2018, 04:22 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Alexis Hale

App Store Optimization is one of the trends of 2018. It is some kind of process of improving the mobile apps’ visibility in an App Store. Just like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. To be specific, it includes the process of ranking apps via keyword search in an app store and pushes the app into top charts. With this method, apps will rank higher in search results and get into top charts, which will drive more installs.

Importance of ASO
Apparently, it is driving one important point here: ASO is extremely significant, because not only apps are big business, but also customers are willing to search for those apps. Some research reports that more than 63% of app customers prefer browsing in the app store to discover new apps.

Another reason why ASO is getting more important – apps can benefit from it a lot. You can optimize App via companies like KeenMobi or Mopeak.

You described the process without many words. Fully agree with you! ASO is an important part of any mobile app. It helps people to find your mobile application easier. Also, right ASO can attract more customers and make your mobile app more popular. The same picture with web-pages and sites, as It was described at the first comment.
8th March 2019, 05:49 AM |#7  
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Latest trends in mobile app development
Ever since the release of the first smartphone back in 1994, nobody predicted that smartphones will become such an integral part of everyone’s lives. At present, there are 2.1 billion mobile users worldwide, and the number is predicted to cross 5 billion by the end of 2019, according to a report by Statista.
People are spending more time online as smartphones now come with fast internet access. According to a recently conducted survey, the average Briton checks his/her mobile phone every 12 minutes while the average American spends almost 2.5 hours a day on a smartphone.
Another statistic by comScore Future Digital demonstrates that users spend 80-90% of their time on mobile apps rather than websites. This certainly proves that smartphones have a system of their own, different from computers & laptops. So, it won’t be wrong saying that mobile app development has become an effective way of reaching our potential prospects.
The biggest question that arises here is: What has 2019 in store for mobile app development? Let’s have a detailed look at the forthcoming trends that will rule the mobile app development world in 2019. So, without further ado, let’s get started!
1) Custom Mobile App
Although websites are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive, apps are easier to operate as they provide a better user experience. Customized mobile apps have gained a firm grip over the past few years, and in 2019, this trend is going to be at a higher peak.
Not only bigger companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba are investing heavily in mobile apps but also smaller players are partnering actively with app makers to increase their customer base and user experience through mobile apps.
If you’re looking for a perfect mobile app that will take your business up a notch, then it’s always the best option to hire a reputed mobile app development company. Choosing the right firm could help you generate massive revenue as you tap newer markets.
2) Mobile Payments
When we talk about mobile payments, people nowadays are more comfortable and confident in making online transactions. If you want a successful payment gateway for your mobile app then you must have at least three or four methods of making payment online such as mobile wallets, credit or debit cards, net banking, gift cards, etc. Doing this could make you stand out among other players in the mobile app development industry.
3) Wearable Apps
According to CSS Insights latest forecast, the number of wearable devices will surpass 245 million units in 2019 from 85 million units in 2015. This certainly means that the wearable industry will worth USD33 billion by the end of 2019. Simply put, the demand for wearable has increased dramatically over the last few years, and there’s no sign of that impetus slowing down any time soon.
Presently, all wearable devices are synchronized with smartphones. So, the apps must be paired with each other. Wearable apps provide new opportunities but businesses must evolve to make the most of these opportunities. Currently, smartwatches and fitness gadgets are the most popular wearable apps than the others, but it is predicted that other apps will too catch up soon.
4) App Security
Below are some questions that might arise in your mind while installing an app on your smartphone:
• Will my private data be secure with this app?
• Can someone hack my data stored in the app?
• Will my data get misused?
• Does the app need my data?
• Will this app slow down my phone?
Mobile App Development Companies need to confront these complaints if they want their app to succeed. Nowadays, only those mobile apps succeed that ensure users that their information is protected, and their privacy is not compromised by any means.
5) Internet of Things
A network of interconnected smart devices is known as the Internet of Things. The above discussion states that smartphones need to be connected to wearable devices. IoT involves lots of sensors, software and special circuits built into other smart devices, which can be developed by mobile app developers.
The IoT market has been growing at a rapid pace and will reach USD457 billion by 2020, as per a report by GrowthEnabler. The increase in the number of IoT devices and networks will significantly increase the demand for feature-rich apps.
Summing Up
The mobile app development industry witness numerous interesting trends every year, and this year is also expected to be the same. Keep reading our blog for the latest updates about mobile app development, latest trends and much more. For more insights on how Debut Infotech can help you develop a robust, intuitive mobile app for your business.
For a free consultation, call us at 1-703-537-5009. We’d love to understand your business goals and help achieve them.
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good list of mob app development trends. Thanks for the useful tips.
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