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Just cleaned another 16 or so posts AFTER Woody's! Guys, please, if you can not provide any helpful FEEDBACK, then do not post. 5 of the posts I just deleted were the same question and the answer could have been found by SEARCHING or READING THE ...
I've been seeing quite a few posts and hearsay and such about "this team that and this" and "I'm leaving this team for such and such team." I am forewarning you now about this situation. If you cause unnecessary drama in my section, you will be go...
Ok. So here's the deal. Yes, Droidmodder was using _dan's work without permission or credit. But since _dan is a good guy and helpful member, he has allowed Droidmodder to use his rom as a base. Provided he make a few changes. (That is what the Sp...
Im going to go ahead and comment. Donations are to show your appreciation for a devs work. Not for future updates or any rights to private support. Nor should anyone expect any special treatment. Also development forums are just for that developin...
Thread has been cleaned. Once again, this thread is for the development purposes only. We understand you happy, but the rules still remain for this thread. We have provided other threads to show your appreciation and happiness. Please stay withi...